[EDEN] While others faded to oblivion, we still stand

Day 1,407, 11:04 Published in Romania Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Greetings Dear Leaves,

Two years old. Two years of brotherhood and friendship that shun like a bright star over the nightfall that those who opposed us tried to bring. Each and every one of you today shall walk proud whether he hails from our most eastern leaf China to the leafs in the Balkan and as far as Canada in North America. We as a brotherhood have achieved goals that many nations and alliances strife for in real life, we have achieved true friendship. It is our stubbornness and our belief in a certain path that has led us to this day, and now we can harvest the fruits.

Do know that this achievement is a unique one in a world where responsibilities are broken loose in one day and where friends turn into foes in a matter of a battle. No alliance has ever stood united in harsh times likes we have passed through not so long ago and no "Brotherhood" keeps spilling blood and gaining victories on all continents even though it lacks a "few" millions of damage. We can.

Young and old leaves alike, we will remain here together until the dire end. Together we will keep on following the same ideals the Treaty of EDEN has dictated to us and only through it we will rise even higher.

"Always outnumbered, never outmatched".

Happy Birthday dear leaves!

Aמd before we seal this article a few announcements from EDEN.HQ

In the latest summit Portugal was accepted for trial membership with an overwhelming majority. Also, our country presidents voted on a trial membership for a country that is not yet added but already shows it will be forged from EDEN Material, Albania. Welcome Portugal and soon to be added Albania as Trial Members of EDEN.

Octavius Julius

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