His name was Reshev Villanova.....

Day 1,382, 15:30 Published in Serbia Brazil by Dio Jazar
....Now he is DioShev or Dio Reshev

anki ljubavi
Reshev Testament and Leave

"There was a time when the world was smaller, "P´s" used to live separated from human kind and good Pakis. The old world, the world made by Dio, when Dio left the world for new adventures, corruption took place and this planet slowly destroyed itself."

No, there was no Serbia there, and many other countries.
A song for you guys

When I was born, I was a total noob and didnt know a thing about the game, my wish was to turn into a strong soldier and/or a rich man, for me to be strong soldier it was to have a huge hit and to be a rich man was to have lot of companies and gold.

This vision of life changed when I met Sensei Reshev who led me to the path of Dio Brando.

Sensei Shev S2

I was alone in the battlefield, killing as many men as I could, many of the soldiers from my countries were asking me for help, but I was searching for personal glory and ignoring them. Suddenly i was hitted with a VERY strong blow, but I didnt die, now I was one of the soldiers begging for help, the enemy was about to execute me, when he show up, sent by Dio Brando himself!

Sensei Reshev was one of the strongest Tanks of that era, even Marco Polo was no match for him. He took me in his arms and carried me till a temple, there I met Agentchieftain, who told Reshev he would have to train me and cavalcanti as his students. (also arian later, but arian kept learning from me, as many others)

Our first lesson was about the importance of the group, no soldier is strong alone (or was I guess), he told us stories of the legendaries Dioist forces and his experiences as a member of the Heroic Italian Elite (when they were good), later he organized the army of Brazil and gave to both the task to end his reforms there, as part of the knowledge.

He told us that a rich man isnt a man that has money for everything, but friends for everything, he told us to smile more, to have more fun, and teach us the art of trolling (no he didnt teach me engRish 😒 ). When he thoguht we were ready, like Dio did whe nhe thoguht Pakis were ready, he left us.

Master Shev, me and Cavalcanti S2

When his students started applying what they did learn, and eBrazil was following the Paki-dioist path, he was back to fight for us, with his great strength.

He was gone and came back many times to help us, historical important times, not only eBrazil but its friends and allies, he even went back to Pakistan when he thought he didnt know enough.

His last words were:


and this is me rulign the world after turning into Super Sayajin I

His last wishes were to:

-keep #ebr safe and a family/friendly channel where people from all countries can come and have nice talks, no racism, no offenses, no prejudice, no Ostin (okei, that one is mine xD ).

-keep br army channels safe with the leaders of the army, away from politicians, politics and their changes and moods.

-dont let his word, agentchieftain word and Dio´s word die, as eWorld is almost...

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¨°º¤ø„¸ DIO RESHEV VILLANOVA S2¨°º¤ø„¸
¨°º¤ø„¸ S2 THE BRAZILIAN DIO S2°º¤ø„¸
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¨°º¤ø„¸ THE RULER OF ALL DIO´S¨°º¤ø„¸
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