[Ireland] The Moynigan JIG Launched

Day 1,372, 16:14 Published in Ireland USA by Stranger Here Myself
The Moyinhan Joint Investment Group is starting today, with 10 applications accepted. With this number of members the first company is expected to be build in 12 days, the first round of the project (all members receiving funding for their own company) expected to end within 90 days - overpayments and donations excluded from the calculation.

Update: with donations received the first company is expected to be build within 10 days now.

Members please donate your membership fees (so far 65 IEP a day for everyone) to the Treasurer of the project, Ian E Coleman:


Ian will be as kind as to keep our accounting - which is available here. You can follow your own, and fellow members' accounts, as well as future donations and the progress of the project.

Once the last member accepts the friendship request an in-game message chain will also be made with all the participants.