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Yeah, I'm sure that everyone is tired of the war articles, but wait! Click on this one because it has something new!

Well, the war module was released yestersday at 24:59. The Admins have a sense of humor, huh? Anyways, to no one's surprise, Dio Brando suggested war less than an hour later. To everone's(to be debated) surprise, however, it was against China, not Iran. And then, at 7:15, again to everyone's surprise, our eAmerican president declared war on Canada.

I don't really want to reiterate Nave's reasoning, so [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/article-182852.html]for Naves full article and his reasons see here[/a].

There was quite an uproar from the Canadians, especially Banach, Canada's foreign minister, who thought that we had a No Aggression Pact with them. No, Dish explained, we don't. He explained that it was never signed by Canada's president and isn't valid. There was also anger by a Turish user(I can't find the comment now), who said that he's offering his support to Canada.

After reading Nave's article, I decided to pm a few Canadian users. Since I've heard that their president is inactive, I pm'd citizens. Only two responded, despite my numorus attempts. Oh well, I can't really blame them for not wanting to be in an American article about Americans attacking them, but here's what happened between me and the two that responde😛

First up, Beron:

International Press:How do you feel about our declaration of war on Canada?
Beron:Hate it - thought we had a peace deal and now it seems like you"re backstabbing us just for fun

IP: Are you asking for aid?
B:Ask a politician - I"m just a civilian

IP: Will you accept Turkish aid?
B😒ee above

IP: Or do you think that a change in leadership will be for the better?
B:Maybe - if it was a change to another Canadian leader in an independent Canada

IP: How do you think you"ll be affected by a US takeover?

IP: Would you mind being part of the US?
B:I mind greatly - I joined eCanada, not eUSA

IP: Would you actively participate in a rebellion?
B:I refuse to answer on the basis that I don"t want eCIA and/or eFBI tapping my phonelines 😛

So he didn't have much to say, and made jokes....I wish I had gotten more responses. Anyways, next I got the person that made the most noise in the comments, foreign minister of Canada, Banach

Right out of the gate she says, "Our president is active."
This is in response to my message before my questions explaining that I'd heard that their president was inactive, so I was pming other citizens.

IP: How do you feel about our declaration of war on Canada?
Banach:Uncalled for

IP: Are you asking for aid?

IP: Will you accept Turkish aid?

IP: Or do you think that a change in regime will be for the better?
B:Not a regime. Its a democracy.

(I pm'd her back, appollogizing for the usage of the word regime, and changed it to leadership. She did not pm me back)

IP: How do you think you"ll be affected by a US takeover?
B:We won"t. You aren"t going to win.

IP: Would you mind being part of the US?
B:Yes I would. Do you want to be a part of Canada?
IP: Not really, but I hope that my country and I would profit if I was

IP: Would you actively participate in a rebellion?
B:You Betcha. If it comes down to that.

So she might have leaked that she's receiving help from Turkey, or maybe she was just playing mind games. All in all, her attitude is and continues to be very harsh towards eAmerica.

But her comment about the president, Faltner made me consider oming him, which I did. I received no response, but saw that he read my pm, so I threw another one at him, asking if he would respond. He wrote me back: "Most of that stuff is personal And If leaked out would be very harmfull to myself and others. but I will say. For every bullet shot this way over my border Im sending 3 back into thier commanding officers."

The Canadians seem mentally prepared for war, and they seem to be gathering allies. But I don't think they'll be getting that much help.

Now, back to the war that everyone was expecting.

I also pm'd a few important people involved in the Pakistan-Chinese War.

First, I pm'd Dio Brando:

IP: Why China?
Dio Brando: Why not? We only had three alternatives:

Iran - Leads to Turkey.

China - Leads to Russia, Korea

India - Leads to... China

Of course, China was the best country to invade

IP: What happened to the tension between Pakistan and Iran?-
DB: It was less a tension between Pakistan and Iran, more a tension between Pakistan and Koroush. But Koroush is gone now, so we have no beef with Iran.

IP: Do you think you will win?
DB: Of course. I mean, it is China.

IP: What do you plan to do when/if you win?
DB: Celebrate, finish off Japan unless they offer a peace treaty, eat some rice, start growing sand on the chinese fields etc.

Then Falcon:

IP: Why China?
Falcon: To Pursue Lu Bu

IP: What happened to the tension between Pakistan and Iran?
F: Died the moment Koroush was out of office. Izirbat avoided the situation of war.

IP: Do you think you will win?
F: Most likely. In all honesty, its a test. We will find out what the world wants depending on the outcome of this war.

IP: What do you plan to do when/if you win?
F: Test various things about the module. We have no plans to be cruel or inhumane. In all honesty, China will probably improve from this. Economically and otherwise.

IP: Other Comments?
F: Nobody wants to instigate a world war right now.
Nobody has a majority of world supporters to win it. It would ruin everyone. This goes for every major sect. Europe, Asian, Scandinavian, American. None of them hold majority power. Sure, it may seem like American is less powerful then Europe, but it is not that way. Its an absolute equal standoff.

Pretty standard fare. Then I pm'd Mina Chang, president of China. He sounded pessimistic:

IP: Why do you think Pakistan chose you for their first war(over say, Iran, who they"ve been fighting with on the forums for months)?
Mina Chang: I say it"s because we lack the army to take on such a great force.

IP: How do you think you"ll do?
MC: I don"t think we"ll last very long without help

IP: What measures will you take to try to win?
MC: I"m still trying to form a battle plan before Thursday.

IP: Do you think other countries will come to your aid?
MC: I hope some countries provide us some sort of aid

IP: Are you asking for aid?
MC: We will accept all help provided

IP: Will peace be glorious?
MC: That is unknown to me at the moment.

After that, I pm'd the president of Japan, Yamato Suzuki, because at the time, they had an MMP with China, but as of 12:20 today(possibly in response to Pakistan's incoming attack) [a url=http://i32.tinypic.com/2qipeuo.jpg]they broke the pact[/a]. This picture also shows allies that China is aquiring, possibly in response to the Pakistani threat. But as of now, Japan has not answered my pm asking them about breaking away from China.

He messaged me this in response:

I"m currently very puzzled on how to act, I"ve asked Indonesia to cancel their deals with Pakistan and help us, but they declined the offer.
I"ve messaged the American president about help, but I doubt they"ll come to our aid.

"I don"t really trust any agreements the Pakis have made.
I actually have a theory that the Pakis are provoking the Indians and Iranians just so they can surprise everyone and go into China."
- Yamato Suzuki, Mar 17, 2008 09:29

My next prediction is that Pakistan will go into China, South Korea, Japan and then invade the USA.

And that's everybody I talked to about the wars proposed today, I swear! And wake up! I know that was 3 years long, but it was good, wasn't it? Yeah.


PS- There hasn't been an update on the Moldovian-Romainian union, but I'll be in contact with the presidents, and make a follow-up when that time comes for it. Funny timing though, they're coming together while the rest of us are at war.