[EDEN]The Brotherhood Expands.

Day 1,359, 10:16 Published in Israel Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Greetings Dear Leafs

Spring is here and EDEN is blooming and with it the Voice brings you a few official statements.

EDEN ArenA Season 2 has been started a few days ago. Do know it is not too late to register as all damage done by new MU’s that will join the contest prior to their registration will be added to the overall results. If you think your MU has the abilities to compete head to head with the best EDEN MU’s and is ready for the challenge make sure you contact elbandido for more details.

Dear Leafs and our newest addition eIsrael,

On the 8th something stirred. A cycle of old friendship was open to add another chain, that chain is eIsrael. After a vote on the general summit twelve country presidents that represent our leafs has decided unanimously to turn eIsrael’s status from Trial Members to Full Members and a new leaf that will bring our much awaited spring.

eIsrael and our Brotherhood have walked a long path until today, a path that is less taken during those harsh days of the New World. Where periodical alliances betray and decide to boycott countries that they called brothers, this is where EDEN is different. EDEN is a Brotherhood, not a slave house that serves two or more states and we stand for friendship and brotherhood regardless of strength or quantity.

Today, after the official formalities have been completed it is now official. eIsrael is EDEN, EDEN is eIsrael.

Welcome to the Brotherhood!

Hail eIsrael
Long live the Brotherhood!

Your EDEN PR Team,
Octavius Julius

EDEN Media Campaign

We are looking for more EDEN media coverage. If you would like to help and become an EDEN Media team-member read this article and message us with how would you like to help.

EDEN Public Sauna
EDEN Welcomes friends and foes alike to join us at the reestablished public channel, #EDEN.Public.

The EDEN PR Team officialy apologize before Smeeagain, steps were taken to avoid future incidents.