[WHPR] Day 1355 Cerb Administration Invades America

Day 1,355, 12:11 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Dear Sweet America,

Today I, Necros Xiaoban, proudly stand here in the White House as your duly elected President. Wait..... Wait, no, that's not right. *shuffles some notes* Just one second, folks. Oneeeeee sec.........

Okay, here we go. Lets try this again.

Today I, Necros Xiaoban, proudly stand here in the James S. Brady Press Room of the White House to ask you to congratulate our newly elected President, Cerb! His glorious vision for the future of the republic spurned him onto victory, crushing the opposition in his majestic embrace, filling them with love and duty for our great nation.

President Cerb, being the perfect vision of a leader in every way, has humbled me with the great duty of White House Press Secretary, and I am honored and gratified to accept it. The super totally awesome Gnilraps has even agreed to stay on as my deputy to ensure I don't accidentally the whole thing, so you can be sure the beauty and quality of the paper will not lag.

Former President Blank Keating made great strides during his administration fighting the war, regaining vast territories. His administration was also one of the most communicative, accessible administrations on record and the Cerb administration will work to build on those earlier successes. On behalf of President Cerb, I thank everyone who worked so diligently this last month to make America greater.

As things now stand the Administration is acting to install its Secretaries, Directors, Deputies, Interns, Escorts, Sandwich Makers, Psychics, Mediums, Wizards and Pet Giraffes into their proper positions and organize the ongoing effort at home and abroad. This may take a day or two, but we will most certainly be on a roll very soon.

If I could, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the Cerb Administration. Its quite large, but that just means more people for the pillow fights! I mean, more people to tackle our nation's problems. >_>

President: Cerb
Vice President: GoalieBCSC

Chief of Staff: Evry
Deputies: Animis, rainy sunday

Secretary Defense: Alexander Auctoritas
Deputy SoDs: Kria Erikson, Ariovistus, Joe DaSmoe, Oblige
NSC Director: Deificus
NSC Deputy Director: Laxsnor
NSC Deputy Director: Ghost Killah
OMS Director: Michael Larson
Arm America Director: Pdeb

Secretary of State: Oblige
Deputies: Jelly9473, N I K A N, Artela
Interns: Max King, 2fast4U TR, sjohnfsdsxzzx
Director of Ambassadorial Affairs: Deershark
Deputy: Darrel Anderson 2

Secretary of the Interior: TMG Krytpic X
Deputies: Evan Wilson, Little Benny
Bewbs 4 Newbs: Blazix, Jerseygirldani
Community Development Program: Sorcus, Twisted Pixel

Secretary of Education: Blank Keating
Deputy: Talio Extremist
Interns: Arpad.Palinkas, eliwood sain

White House Press Secretary: Necros Xiaoban
Deputy: Gnilraps
Oval Office Radio - Executive Producer: Civil Anarchy
OOR - Production Managers: Soren Nelson, Paul Proteus
OOR - Production Assistant: Portcolombus

Secretary of Treasury: Kemal E

Secretary of Technology: Neo Iasov
Deputy: MitchRapp

Human Resources: Angelini
Deputy: Stephen Goldsmith

Director of National Intelligence: Cromstar

Chancellor and Lord Protector of the Realm: Pfeiffer
Godfather: LexLuthor1
Top Gun Flight Instructor: Publius
Top Gun Pilots: Josh Frost, Vanek26, AnkaLeader, Citizenturk, SgtRock

If you would like to join the Administrative Team, apply here: Application to serve.

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Stay classy, America,
Necros Xiaoban
White House Press Secretary