Aug 2011 Cabinet: Treian CP

Day 1,351, 00:52 Published in Canada Canada by Treian

Hello eCanada

Here I present to you my cabinet list.

I wanted to confirm everyone before releasing it to you all and without further delay, here they are:

CP- Treian
As CP I will oversee everything and everyone. With that said I will focus in on the nation and our allies, working closely with the MoD and MoFA to ensure that we are doing all we can to help our allies and regaining our occupied regions.

VP- Cypher Rahl

Cypher has proven to be very capable durring his many terms as AG in the past and has been active in the TCO and most recently the CAF and CSD. As the VP he will directly oversee the internal affairs of the nation and work with the MoF to keep our nation ballanced in the budget and running smoothly. He will also serve as the AG durring this time tracking our income and expences.

MoD- JFstpierre

I have had the pleasure of working with him in the CAF and he is very capable and a hard worker. He has done an excellent job as the current MoD and I wanted this next term to run just as smoothly so I asked him to stay on. As a deputy JF has chosen to keep Mekkun on as they work well together, with the results eCanada is getting I can't argue at all.

MoFA- Michael Ryan (Xichael)

Our MoFA plays an important roll in eCanada, and even more so while we're occupied and Xichael is the right person for the job. As a former MoFA and current CAF member, he knows well how to communicate with our allies and how important it is to maintain a good working relationship with our alliances Eden and Terra.

MoF- Ethel Rosenberg

Ethel caught my eye in congress where she speaks her mind and has brought up some great points in the many tax debates. As MoF she will work with the VP and myself to produce a ballances and sustainable budget while keeping a watchfull eye on our tax income to ensure that we have the right level of taxes to keep all our MU's funded, our MPP's paid up while keeping as much CAD in eCanadian pockets. As a dMoF Ethel has selected CFovetS to fill in and help her out.

Comptroller- Wally Cleaver

As this act is looking like it will pass in congress I have asked Wally to continue on in this roll if I am elected to CP. He has been serving in this position and has done it well durring this term, and to ensure some continuity I asked him to stay on and was happy to have him accept.



As CP I will be expected to have all the answers but will need to seek advice on topics that I may not have faced before. Both Jacobi and Coda have served eCanada well in very different aspects and they have agreed to advise me should I require the help.

This is the team I have put together for the Aug. 2011 term and I am looking forward to working with them all to better eCanada in every way we can.