(Day 1,348) [US] Boot Camp Recent News

Day 1,348, 14:23 Published in USA USA by Xavier Galvin

First, I would like to give some general information about Boot Camp for Citizens that are un-familiar with Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is the Training Branch of the eUSAF. When a soldier joins Boot Camp, he will learn the basics of IRC, Navigating through the forums, and following eUSAF Orders, and using the war module. We also supply recruits with 500 wellness via Supply Request Forms, and 500 wellness via IRC - That is a total of 1000 wellness. Which adds up being 329 USD! Below, are the basic requirements to getting to an E2 Private in Boot Camp.

Registered of eUS Forums / Have Masking Applied
IRC Nickname Registered
Report for Duty
Complete Roll Call
Join eUSAF Commune
Completed the requirements above but, has not reached an In-Game Military Rank of Lieutenant.

Please not the following:

"Soldiers will have 3 days to complete all basic requirements. Failure to do so will result in being discharged. If a soldier is discharged, they may re-apply and will have to start over."

"Once all requirements are met, the soldier will be promoted to an E2 - Private, and eventually up to an E4 - Corporal, and all soldiers will be required to complete a weekly roll call. Platoon COs will send our roll call messages to their soldiers. Soldiers will have 7 days to reply, or they will be discharged. If a soldier is going to be away, they can let their CO know, and avoid being discharged."

If you are interested in joining the eUSAF Boot Camp, You can fill out the application here.

This is the eUSAF Boot Camp Recent News which is for recent updates/changes within Boot Camp as well as promotions. The promotions will be released every 6 days via Newspaper. Below, are the recruits that have been promoted or have graduated from Boot Camp. These records are from Day 1,342 to Day 1,348. Congratulations to those listed below!!

Ryan LaRe - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,342)
Emperor Zahradka - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,343)
beeey - E3 Private First Class (Day 1,344)
Be Rad - E2 Private (Day 1,346)
DruBlood - E3 Private First Class (Day 1,346)
Mario J. Garafola - E3 Private First Class (Day 1,346)
Miloud Hammerman - E4 Corporal (Day 1,346)
vanNostrand - E4 Corporal (Day 1,346)
Peter Van Nostrand - E4 Corporal (Day 1,346)
Plout - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,346)
Max King - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,347)
Raging Rhino - E2 Private (Day 1,347)
JayBee42 - E2 Private (Day 1,347)
David Cholesterol - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,347)
Paulerate98 - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,347)
Jonas.Blane - E2 Private (Day 1,34😎
Dru Blood - E4 Corporal (Day 1,34😎
T012m3n7oR - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎
Pinkerton117 - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎
Devin Seay - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎
EmperorZahradkaII - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎
Sabrina23 - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎
Elvroy - Transferred to ARMY (Day 1,34😎

As a side note...

39 recruits, since the merge of Boot Camp and Stealth, have graduated from Boot Camp and moved on to the eUSAF Army.

Also, Soldier and Officer of the Week will be released tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

Now, for the recent changes/updates within Boot Camp..

Recently, We have started a Forum Game and a Rewards Program for our Officers and Soldiers. Below, are the descriptions for both, starting with the Rewards Program.

The rewards program for the Recruits and Officers within Boot Camp is a quite nice program. Below, are the rewards through this program, and basically, how it all works.

• Three (3) Boot Camp Soldiers will be selected as Soldier's of The Week and will receive 5 Q5 Weapons each!

• One (1) Boot Camp Officer will be selected as Officer of The Week and will receive 5 Q5 Weapons!*

*Please note that none of the Goldsmith's can participate in this program.*

As for the forum game...

We have a "5 Word Story" forum set up within Boot Camp. All current Boot Camp Soldier and Officers can participate in this Forum Game. Below, is a strip of what the story has come out to be...

"This story is about a man who had a bottle of hydrogen peroxide that was worth more than gold. This man also had a midget named Sir. Johnsonworthy IIII. SJIIII liked drinking peroxide, so he didn't have much gold. The next morning, the man met another named Stan...man...Stan-man had in his hand an hourglass filled with sand. Sand drops grain by grain and forms a shape again. The hourgladd was coloured silver but really, it was gold and it was really old so stan-man and SJIIII sold it for tons of gold. He was then rich, so he slept with many many hot, wild, sexy pillows..."

If you would like, comment on the article adding to the story.. please follow what is said above your comment so things don't get so wack.. I will then post the 5 words to the forums.. You may even see your line in the next Boot Camp Newspaper!!

eUSAF Boot Camp also updated their portal. Many have noticed the changes and many haven't even seen the website. If you are interested in checking the website out, you can visit the link at the bottom of the article.

Join eUSAF Boot Camp!
Check out Boot Camp's Website!
Join #BootCamp (IRC)

Thanks for reading the Boot Camp Recent News!

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