[GOV]MoFa: Summer TW

Day 1,348, 04:37 Published in Belgium Belgium by eBelgian Presidency

Summer TW with UK

eBelgium can use a bit of excitement other then MPP fights that is why I openend talk again with UK. They are our only option for a TW seeing that NL is still Polish territory...
After talks with first JamesW and Daeres and later after the impeachment from JamesW, Thorrold and the Belgian government agreed on starting a new TW. The Ne proposal is been voted by congress now and if all goes to plan it will be in place by tonight.

Now a bit of practical information.

We will start attacking South East of England on Sunday 31 July at approximate 01:00 erep time. We are not supposed to win this battle so Belgium wont be handing out extra supplies. However I would advice you to fight for the NE bonus. After we loose that battle UK will attack Flanders. Yet again we do not intent to win that either. The eBelgian army together with the eBritish army will fight to win the RW for eBelgium. When we get to that stage it is best you come to irc and see if you can help and get extra supplies.
Things will continue like that as long as both countries are willing with a minimum of 7 days due to the NE proposal from eBelgium.

Loss of Macedonian MPP

Both Uk and Belgium have the same MPP with Macedonia. This will lead to the fact we will both lose are MPP with them and for that eBelgium would like to apologize to Macedonia.