[MoM] Forcing Change Upon Us

Day 1,347, 23:05 Published in Japan Japan by Tetsuya Tameru

Hello citizens of eJapan. Tetsuya-san here again with yet another MoM article.

Today, President Akki-sama announced that we, the Empire of Japan, have been forced out of the alliance of TERRA, in accordance to a vote pressed by Brazil. The following is an quote from the thread in our forums on the topic ( --> http://nipponblog.net/showthread.php?t=3487)

"Terra's reasoning behind kicking us was that we shouldn't sign alliance with nations such as UK or Turkey, and we should have never let Hungary into our land. Furthermore, they simply told us to drop our hatred towards EDEN since "only way of winning battle is cooperating with them." I told their SG I can't control what our citizens want, because I simply represent our citizens in Terra, and not vice versa.

So in past few days, my MoFA and I have been trying to solve this problem between Terra and eJapan as peaceful and calmly as possible, but Brazil brokered plan to kick eJapan out of Terra went on anyways. At this point, our administration really have nothing we can do with Terra.

We are officially the fourth country to leave Terra."
~President Akki-sama

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>There is a vote for the Minister of Security and the Speaker of Congress occuring.
>Alternatively, there is also a proposal in the debate stage to alter how our nation's Ministry security functions.

The JIA is still recruiting. If you're interested in defending this great nation to protect our unique way of life and all that we stand for, or you just want to kill things for us, join the JIA today! Send a PM to the Minister of Defence, Danyeo (<--Pm's to him)

** Minister of Defence Danyeo(also commander of the JIA MU) has expressed that only citizens who fight everyday are going to be permitted to stay within the MU. It is quite possible that inactive members are going to be removed. Also, please follow all battle daily orders, and please log onto IRC, go to #JIA when you are going to fight. Distribution is still on sundays.

One of our routine combat exercises

Be as dedicated as these soldiers! -> http://glossynews.com/society/strange-people/201009200109/lost-wwii-japanese-battalion-found-still-in-trenches-after-67yrs/

I hope you enjoyed this article.

~Tetsuya Tameru
Vice President and Minister of Media of eJapan