Advice: Buy food!

Day 61, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Cronjobs troubles:

On the new servers the cronjobs (the scripts that should run daily to give citizens wellness by consuming food, etc) gave us some big headaches. We've just worked on it and it seems like finally today they are fixed.

Here is how they affected us so far and what solution we have foun😨
1. Citizens didn't eat so their wellness dropped => we have run 2 times the scripts that makes Citizens consume the food in their inventory and increase their wellness. We will give 15 extra wellness points to all Citizens. This way Citizens will get back their previous wellness levels and demand for food will go back to normal.
2. Be careful: there is a big chance that your citizen may be out of food so check your inventory in your personal profile and buy food if needed!
3. Candidates for Mayor have not been presented to be elected => We are sorry about this and Mayors elections day has been postponed to 21nd of January (tomorrow).

Macro economical statistics:

Kaleb wrote a great article where he analyzes the top countries' economies and different stats, for this he created an Erepublik Economic League Table composed of:
Total GDP
GDP change
Active population
Population change
GDP/Capita change

You can read the full article here:

The Way forwar😨

As you know for the past few days we have been concentrating on the move to our new host and some bug fixing, we have also secured some extra funding to strengthen our tech team and our editing team.
The additional tech resource should allow us to fix bugs faster and give time to the rest of the team to concentrate on the new features and V1 rather than on firefighting issues such as the Cronjobs one.
We will also be sharing shortly with you our development road map so that you can have good visibility of what are the features that we are working on for the beta as well as for V1. Our goal there is to give you the possibility asap to then vote on what functionalities you consider are priority and suggest new ones with a digg like system.

Thank you,
The Erepublik team