[Queen]Mittekemuis: Announcement.

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Dearly beloved citizens of eBelgium

By the power invested in me by the congress of eBelgium, I’m here to announce you that I will be given some citizens from eBelgium a title to start of this Monarchy. The task of these royal characters have nothing to do with the decision making and power in Government and Congress but have all to do with bringing some fun in the game. It is never my intent to exclude people and I would gladly accept suggestion towards the future of my Kingdom.

So now your humble Queen shall announce Her royal court.

Queen Mother, Archduchess MaryamQ,Her Royal Highness of ‘s Gravenvoeren.

King Father Archduke ThomasRed,His Royal Highness of Vierset

Prince Jamster, His Royal Highness Prince of Rumbeke

Prince NLSP,His Royal Highness, Prince of Brabant

Prince Fhaemita, His princely grace Fhaemita Malodorous of Waterloo

Prince Xironn, His Royal Highness, Prince of Alden-Biezen

Duchess Elynea, Her Serene Highness of Maillen

Duke NicknameFromRonny, his Serene Highness of Meer.

Marquis Konrad, His worship, excellence Konrad of Salem

Marquis Jofroi, His worship, excellence of Amay

For honour and glory I present you The Order of the Knights of Cydonia

To serve and protect Her Majesty, the Queen

Great Commander King Father ThomasRED
Great Commander Prince consort Pieter557
Commander Prince NLSP
Commander Prince Xironn
Commander Duke NicknameFromRonny
Commander Sir Darkinou
Commander Sir Ward De Bever

Knight Sir Critically
Knight Sir Gerbdeblee
Knight Sir wazowzky
Knight Sir Dominique Vermeersch
Knight Sir Kabouter-Wesley
Knight Sir Boklevski
Knight Sir Olv007
Knight Sir Bert_en_Ernie
Knight Sir Hollenboer
Knight Sir Jacob van Artevelde
Knight Sir Ernest Bogdansson
Knight Sir Takeshi Kitano
Knight Sir Misanthropist
Knight Sir Requiem Domine
Knight Sir manekemaan
Knight Sir DemetriusA
Knight Sir AndrewBaby

Mr. Guilotine: The Royal Executioner

For his task he gets a brand new tool. It is tested and proven very good for the job at hand.

Eendracht Maakt Macht - Union Fait la Force - Strength Through unity

~Her Majesty Mittekemuis