[CP] First update by the new President

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President Elections

Yesterday where the country president elections and as was to be expected seeing I was the only serious candidate who was running I won these elections. I am very honored to be elected in this position and will the my best to do what is good for this country and protect my country. I'm hoping for a good month with not too many problems like my previous presidency in eSouth-Africa.

I would like to thank my party United Left Alliance for the support and especially Mittekemuis. Other people I would like to thank are Jofroi and his party All TOgether (ATO) for the chance to let me run and for the support and Monsieur Guillontine of Belgian Communist Party for supporting me.

The Monarchy

Since July 4th, eBelgium, like in real life Belgium is a Monarchy. A couple of days ago a discussion was started by NSLP about starting a Monarchy. This was mostly done to have some fun and for some greater activity. This proposal was discussed and greeted with mostly positive replies. When it was brought up for a vote a majority of the the congress people who voted was for this proposal and so a new eMonarchy was born in Erepublik.

Mittekemuis was named the new Queen of the Belgium and her husband Pieter557 who she recently married was named the Prince Consort. Mittekemuis will have the power to create her court and to grant titles to people who she deems they deserve it.

As first act in my presidency I want to declare the 6th of July Queens day in eBelgium. This will be a joyfull holiday for all our citizens and also for foreigners who reside in our country or foreigners who come to our country for Queens Day. All Hail Queen Mittekemuis!

July 2011 Cabinet

President: : Fhaemita Malodorous
Vice President: Jofroi

Minister of Defense: Ernest Bogdansson
State Secretary of Defense: xironn

Minister of Finance: Ward de Bever
State Secretary of Finance: Hollenboer

Minister of Foreign Affairs: jamster737
State Secretary of of Foreign Affairs: NicknameFromRonny

Minister of Home Affairs: MonsieurGuillontine
State Secretary of Fun: shadowukcs
State Secretary of Wiki: Requiem Domine
State Secretary of Education: Elynea

Minister of Justice: Critically

His Princely Grace, The Prince of Waterloo
President of eBelgium