[SecDef] USAF Boot Camp

Day 1,318, 11:55 Published in USA USA by Avruch

Members of the USAF and eUSA community! While I expected my last article to be the final article of my terms as Secretary of Defence, President Glove and I made a decision yesterday that requires just one more announcement.

Effective today, the Boot Camp division of the USAF Army is detached from the Army and established as full and independent official branch of the United States Armed Forces.

The new USAF Boot Camp branch will be commanded by General Firo Prochainezo, with his executive officer Stephen Goldsmith and deputy executive officer Zach Goldsmith.

If you aren't familiar with the work of the Goldsmith brothers (there are three), let me fill you in a little. While comparatively new members of the eRepublik community (they joined in May), they have distinguished themselves in many ways. Among the brightest and most diligent officers in the Army Boot Camp division, they simultaneously founded and have enjoyed great success with their private militia, Stealth.

The USAF is lucky to have their organizational acumen, work ethic and innovative ideas as they merge their militia into the new USAF Boot Camp. The two divisions of Boot Camp will be known as Stealth BT (Basic Training) and Stealth AIT (for recruits below 1k strength) in honor of their commitment.

Firo Prochainezo, of course, is the current executive officer of the USAF Army and an officer of extensive experience. He became an officer in the JCSF Training Corps more than a year ago, subsequently became an officer and senior officer in the JCSF Cavalry, then slaved under me as an Ultramarine until joining the USAF upon its creation. The Boot Camp branch can only benefit from his experience and attention as it proves worthy of its status as the home for new citizen recruits in the United States Armed Forces.

Congratulations and good luck to the officers and troops in the new Boot Camp!

Secretary of Defence