Your Re-Introduction to the Canadian Progressive Front, Part 1

Day 1,314, 12:19 Published in Canada Canada by Funky 24

Who Are We Ideologically?

We are eCanada's oldest right-wing party, a continuation of a line of parties that goes back before I was e-born. We are a compromise between the business-oriented MOO and the military-oriented MDP. We believe in prudent and focused spending in times of war and a gradual building up of militias during peacetime through strict but neccessary funding and loans. We would rather have surplus than more bureaucratic spending. We will focus on building up our treasury and creating new means of revenue, including a return to nationalised industries and companies under the eCanadian government (not just under militias or our military) and look to running the business of eCanada as efficiently and smart as possible. We are not interested in directing role-play but making eCanadians and eCanada greater in-game.

We are also progressive in our cooperation with other parties. We want the decision making and voting process for other party's members to be more friendly so they don't feel they don't have to cross their leaders and peers to work with us or other parties in Congress or wherever in society. We cannot afford to be bound to party loyalty in such desperate times and where eCanada is in desperate need of creativity on issues of defence, productivity and growing our population.

We prefer clarity over euphemisms so don't expect grandstanding from us. We want to work for the prosperity of eCanada and not for political gain. If Rylde and Rolo types present us, the citizens of this great nation no good choice in our leaders, expect the CPF to create an alternative. This game is no place for absolutism. This place and time is for developed ideas and debates that give us new solutions to the problems of the day.

I'm active and our party is set to grow again.

Funky Hum24n, new CPF PP

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