Official Cabinet Line Up....the extended version!

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Executive Secretary -- Ariel David Buena

Department of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
This team is our representative to the eWorld. They work on building relationships with other ecountries.

Office of Asian Affairs -- Slothen
Office of American Affairs -- Berritas (North) and Aren Perry (South)
Office of European Affairs -- Requiem Domine (Iliyan Marinov)* and Sigurd Aasen**
Office of Oceania and African Affairs -- Mr. Knoll

Open Positions
Deputy and ambassador positions are open are open for those who are interested to learn the ins and outs of foreign affairs. Send a message to the names above.

* Croatia, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, FYROM, Italy

** Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Baltics, Russia, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Department of Finance
This department is in charge of the country’s finances.

Negosyo sa Tao (on leave)
PigInZen - Undersecretary of Finance

Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) -- Revilo X
DoHA’s main functions are managing government income-generating companies and regulating market prices. It used to provide start up jobs for newbies as well which is currently discontinued because of the major changes made in the economic module.

Department of Defense (AFP) -- Kyle321n
Armed Forces of the Philippines is made up of esteemed men and women in uniform, always ready to defend and protect our beloved eCountry.

Want to be part of the AFP? Fill up the application here

Check military updates on Kyle321n's Newspaper

Subscribe to check current battle orders here

Bureau of Immigration (NICA) -- EZEX Lacroa and TMG_Kryptic_X
This team is charge of handling and screening all citizenship applications.

Luna -- Hekter
What is Luna? Luna is a defensive alliance of small neutral countries. ePhilippines is one of the pioneer member of Luna under the leadership of Hekter. It’s a cross-breed of Foreign Affairs and Military as one of its main function is to coordinate and provide military back up to member countries and affiliates effectively.

Interesting reads about Luna:
Luna News Network, Luna’s Official Newspaper
Luna’s wiki entry

Ministry of Merriment (MoM)
MoM is charge our the overall entertainment.

This office will be in charge of infusing life to the dying media in our ecountry, bringing the fun back!

Open Positions
We are looking for a pool of writers that will required to publish atleast one article per week covering country and world events, interviews, literary works, etc.

Social Affairs
This team is in charge of general entertainment. Contests, award giving, recognizing outstanding citizens.

Community Service
Community Service team is in charge of assisting the newbies and citizens in need. They will also be in charge of projects that will give back to the community.

Open Positions
We are in need of people who will lead and who wants to be part of both teams. They will be expected to come up with ideas, projects, etc. that will boost the activities in our country.

Important Links
ePhilippines’ National Forum
ePhilippines’ Official IRC Channel -- on Rizon server