[eSA Presidency] Cabinet - June 2011

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Greetings eSA citizens,

I would like to first thank everyone for electing me into office. This was by far the closest election that I can remember. Tenshibo and Crum are two very capable people and I thank them for a great race. You will find both of them represented in my cabinet. Together, with my cabinet, I hope to live up to the expectations of the people who voted for me.

And with that, here is the list of cabinet members for June, 2011.

Country President - Mr. Wet
Vice President - ChubbZilla

Minster of Finance - Crumoet
Deputy Minister o Finance - Miyagiyoda
Director of Government Companies - Grimstone

Minister of Security - Mark Morcomm
Deputy Minister of Security - Tenshibo

Minister of Domestic Affairs - Ryan Fisher
Deputy Minister of Domester Affairs - Ex Banned'it
Director of Mentorship and Population Devolpment- Joseph Rich
Director of Information/Wiki, Education & Entertainment- Ex Banned'it/TBD

Minister of Defense - Harrin
Deputy Minister of Defense - Jason "The Shadow" Peterson

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Oprah Winfrey
Deptuy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vanessa1309
Foreign Affairs Advisor - Leewas

Minister of IRC - Leewas
Deputy Minister of IRC - Crumoet

Governer of the Reserve Bank - LazerFazer

Chief of Staff - Grimstone
Deputy Chief of Staff - MerleCorey

Advisors to the President - Grimstone, Jizzie McGuire, Tenshibo, Al Kazar, Squall90

We will be running the internship program again this month. Should you be interested,
please contact Myself or ChubbZilla via pm and let us know with which ministry you would like to
begin your internship.

Thanks again for your support.

- Mr. Wet
- President of South Africa