[CP] Last hours in the power-tower

Day 1,292, 15:34 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Poland and MPP's

I myself wasn't fully active for some time unfortunately because of a sudden RL workproject I had. Fortunatly the country seems peacefull now we are back on the map, we have frequent battles thanks to our MPP with USA and Russia. And as agreed Poland is leaving us alone. Some RW's were started in East and West by foreigners, and because of our truce with Poland we didn't support them.
Our new MPP will give a target to fight and level up our new players. I'm glad I could get back stability to eNL for the time being, now we need to slowly start working on a grander vision on getting eNL (back) into the top 5 countries.

eNL community

As I stated in my last CP article, I emphasized on the need to keep our community together in these troubling times.

However since then a large part of our community left the country . I talked to important members about the issue, but they left without leaving a note. That this went without hardly communication seriously troubled me, and keeps me wondering if I did the right thing signing a treaty with Poland, and not mandated everyone to leave ship all together, so that we at least would be together. But like I said, communication was one sided and I the choice was made for me.
Our country might be on the map, but our community is split over two continents. This offcourse was started by the new economical module, which benefits the strong and ugly nations only. We must stay connected at all costs however, and this is a plead to the strongest players of our nation to keep eNL interests above any others one might have. Also to the people here still in the Netherlands, to not seek to distinguish ourselves from one another.

State companies Moval

The admins requested all CP's to transfer the state companies to citizen accounts.
The state companies will be transferred to people mainly involved in the Dutch army, I'd took me a lot of serious doubting to sent state comps to generals currently having other citizenships. But I think I will rupture the fabric of our community for good if I didn't. These people are RL Dutch and I how much I might want to believe it, I cannot doubt their loyalty to our country. I would like to ask anyone in the army working abroad to return to our country asap when possible.

Theft from State Org

About 2 weeks ago 50 Q5 weapons disappeared, I renamed the password to prevent it from happening again, and started an investigation.
However asking everyone who had access revealed nothing, also the admins couldn't provide us with any usefull information.
This is a warning to the new president to be weary who to give access and keep an eye on state properties.

New Medals

Grand-Cross (Surpreme Marshall with 400k damage)
Grand-Commandeur (Field Marshall with 200k damage)
Grand-Officer (General with 100k damage)

I enstated new Willemsorde Medals for the superstrong players, since it was getting crowded at the top, so now Epix will be lonely at the top again.

For an overview of all medals see the wiki, and here you can apply for them.
Medals will be placed on the forum, and one your wikipage (if you have one).


Recently a new "Military unit" was formed, although this "military unit" carries the name 'Dutch National Guard', this is NOT a govermental, congressional or official Dutch army brigade, and is considered a PRIVATE MILITIA. Repeated requests to change the name in something less conspiques have been denied. It is your own risk if you join this anarchistic millitairy group, the state will not be responsible for any misinformation or damages, and advices at all times to join only official army MU's.

parting words

I would like to thank my cabinet and the whole Dutch community, especially all the new players, and I wish the new 'democraticly' chosen president a lot of success in the quiet month of June.

Daniel Parker
President of the Netherlands

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