Operation: Dracula's Revenge

Day 1,291, 19:15 Published in USA USA by bombonato
Operation: Dracula's Revenge

Romania is out for blood!

Dateline: Friday June 3, 2011 (Day 1291)
Location: Field Dispatch; Behind Enemy Lines
Reporter: Major George Armstrong "Old Man" Custer

The Army Times' Warfare Analysis Edition
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Today we present a very light piece on the current USMilitary operations in Romania.

Inside the War Room

USArmy General Bombonato describes his idea for a surprise attack.

The Objective of Operation: Dracula's Revenge

Restore Romania to its original borders and regions.

Thursday night the USMilitary fought in at least two theaters of war. Complete details of battle strength and branch deployment remain Classified, but a general overview can be presented without violating OPSEC (Operations Security).

Some (JCS) USMilitary firepower was dedicated to assist the President's US Armed Forces in liberating Indiana and will likely join in the liberation of Illinois from Spain.
Some USMilitary strength has been deployed overseas, to enemy territories, to aid in the Resistance Wars to liberate occupied Romania.

USMilitary Chairman Bradley Reala stated, "We fully appreciate the importance of protecting the American homeland. We are not at odds with the President on this. However, America must never turn its back on our allies, and must fulfill our obligations in the TERRA big picture of international security."
CJCS Brad added, rather candidly, "Where the USMilitary fights, battles are won. Where the USMilitary does not fight, victories are hard won or are lost by a thin margin."

Additionally, Serbia's declaration of Romania as its Natural Enemy, and Romania's counter-declaration of Serbia as Natural Enemy, promise to bring an already hot zone to a rolling boil.

It is now Friday night. We're still there, ready to rock.
Go ahead, Hungary. Try us, Poland. Just friggin' blink, Serbia.

Operation: Dracula's Revenge promises to be a long, hard campaign, providing a ton of fun and lots of ranking up for soldiers. Be sure to check your branch Orders before fighting anywhere, and join the mass attacks at the appointed time and place.

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Major George Armstrong Custer
Army Public Affairs Senior Officer

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