Artemivanov for president!

Day 1,290, 07:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ArtemIvanov

Below you can find my program for the upcomming Country Presidents elections!
If you elect me I will guarantee I will work 101% to realise this program.

A small part about myself.
I am playing this game for a long time, to long.
I tried to quit several times, but I am still alive 😃
Since the first day I joined I am active in politics, and I have been active in almost all jobs available in politics.
I am a member of the party DemNL
I am to old, to experienced, tend to elite 😉 ,but still have lots of plans to get our country to a higher plan, against the polish and admins!

I would like to start with this point Activity is one of my most important issue’s for my government. This means I will guarantee my government will be active! When a government members isn’t active enough he will get fired after only 1 warning. This is because I want a government that have time and want to put effort in our country because there is still a lot of work!

Internal Affairs.

Continue the job at our great work at the wiki. Its really important there is enough information avaible for our new citizens. (see also Education and Culture)
Rework on some outdated laws.

Foreign Affairs.
I want to invest in our relations with Belgium, Germany, France and United Kingdom because we really should know what’s going on in Western Europe, and maybe get more involved by their actions.
Outside this 4 countries we should become more active in fighting our greatest enemy Poland.
This means I want to have MPP’s with countries (in Europe) that also fight against the Polish and our army can fight more against them.

A clear organizatoral structure, en enough people available (generals) to give out orders and supply’s. This is very important for our strenght and efficiency of our army, that isn’t that great latest weeks. At all times a soldier should get supplyes when there are orders to fight.

In coörporation with Foreign Affairs this ministery should take action to see where our eNL Elite Commandos (our strongest part of the army). Especcialy this unit is very important for our relations with other countries and they should become our ambassadors at the battlefield.

Atleast weekly reports or interviews made by this ministery about our Marines and our Elites should make these units more interesting for our (new) citizens.
Besides this I think Defence should be more active with training of new players. Because of Marines and Elites are producing more of their own supplys Defence can spend more of their budget to involve new players into battles.

Continue with the job of having a clear overview of our state finances. This means including the taxincome, and the expenditures. When we continue with this job we have a better overview of our possibilities, which means we can actually plan to invest some of our state budget.

Education and Culture
Last period this ministery is created and especcialt the educationn part did a good thing. Its important there is enough information available ingame when a new player joins the game. That’s why I propose to keep republicing the tutorials for new players. Maybe it can be imporved a bit to make it easier to read.
I want to see a startup from culture this month. I think there are enough possibilities to create some fun in our community. (bv, awards, medals, prizes, etc)

Do you want to become a member of a active government, working according this program?
Send me a PM!