Announcing my Retirement

Day 1,286, 19:03 Published in Austria Austria by Albert Neurath

As of today, I am announcing my permanent retirement from eRepublik.

I've been playing this game continuously since Day 361 - November 15th, 2008. When I first started in eRepublik, the world was a much different place. Instead of Lana, who to this day successfully pillages all of our gold accounts, we had Trivia (5/5 Supershots, anybody?) There was no citizenship, and the modern-day PTO hadn't yet been invented.

I take this temporary trip down memory lane to illustrate all of the alterations that have been made over the years. We have seen this game changed in many different ways, some good, and some bad. In recent days though, the sheer number of changes has rapidly eroded my interest in this game.

With each change, a pre-existing elite class is being entrenched. When I first started playing this game, the only thing preventing advancement within the eWorld was a lack of experience (or, on occasion, too much experience of the bad kind). Now, however, a new citizen can work for years, and still be stuck in the same part of society they started out in. This is not the sort of eWorld that I especially wish to live in.

However, I have no desire to keep complaining about these changes. I shall instead say my goodbyes.

People I will miss

Although this is a long list, it has unfortunately been shortened over the years by the departure of many of my old compatriots. There are people in all eCountries I have lived in (Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Ausria) whom I shall miss greatly, as well as many citizens from other countries whom I met over IRC. A full list of these citizens would take more than three articles to fill, and so I will instead offer a hearty "goodbye" to all of my friends in this eWorld, both still-playing and departed. You shall be missed greatly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, although it's been fun, I must bid you farewell. Stay well, and remember that it's you who make this game palatable.

Goodnight, and good luck.

J.R.G.S (Albert Neurath)
4x President of Thailand
1x President of Austria
20x Congressman