The BoDi Awards - The Winners

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The Nominees:
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And the winners of the 2nd BoDi Awards are:


- winner of '2nd BoDi National Belgian Honor' and '2nd BoDi Award of Media'


- winner of '2nd BoDi Life Achievement Award' and '2nd BoDi Award of Merit / Honorary Award'


- winner of '2nd BoDi Award of Progress'

Manong Rizal

- winner of '2nd BoDi Honor of the Purple Heart'

Cookies of MaryamQ

- winner of '2nd BoDi Iconic Award'


- winner of '1st BoDi Award for Outstanding Diplomatic Service'

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees of the 2nd BoDi Awards!

Here's some celebratory cake:

Nominations for the 3rd BoDi Awards will start on June 25, 2011.