All TOgether

Day 1,264, 13:03 Published in Belgium Belgium by Jofroi

These last months, the eBelgian politic has moved to a status quo. There are several parties, BfB, RB,ULA,BDF,UBIP, but what are the differences between these parties?

There are none! Currently, people aren't gathering together in a party toward ideas, but for friendship. Voting for a candidate or another is not related on ideas. The quality of the manifesto of the different candidates these last months have proved that.

Why are all the parties fallen in this uniformisation? The fact is that eRepublik is a political instead of an economical based game (even if there is an economical part, most people aren't interested at it, even the admins... well they do, but suck at it). And what are the political differences possibilities in eRepublik?

Home Affairs: There is not much to do, most activity is connected to informational things and avoiding PTO threats.

Military : There is a lot of things to do, but it is mainly managed out of the government, by the military itself. Elections has not much to do with the actual functionning of the army.

Foreign Affairs: This is the main part, but eBelgium is neutral and it is a common agreement that it should remain as it is.

The lack of activity and the size of eBelgium doesn't allow the country to be internationally active and to take part to great ally.
The community of eBelgium is so small that we can hardly fill in the congress with active members.

A solution of those two problem could be a babyboom but it's unlikely.

A second way to rise the strength and the activity of eBelgium is to make it attractive to foreigners. But we would need either someone as Dio Brando or financial reasons for people to stay. This is also something that will probably not arise.

The last solution would be to merge our community and our country with another one.

This might surprise a lot of people, but during the time that eBelgium was merged with eNetherlands, we were part of PHOENIX which was one of the two major alliance of these times.

Indeed, even together, these two countries would not be a major power nowadays, but the merge of the communities would at least rise the activity of the country and maybe give an heavier weight of the country on the international stage.

However, this is not currently possible for many reasons, most of them being technical. And, of course, the fact that since we were separated our communities has been split.

This is why I would like to create a new organisation, that would have as purpose to make both countries (and maybe other ones),All TOgether, maybe not an in game merge, but getting the communities closer.

The program is still vague but here are the main steps that we will try to enforce for the state.

1: Settle a common foreign politic policy with Netherlands
2: Merge our military structures, to have a single management of the army
3: Merge our currencies, and our tax policy, to strengten both markets
4: Create a Common forum and IRC that would be used by both communities
5: Partly merge our laws and uniformisate the constitutions
6: Create a confederation (or a merge, according to what is the most profitable) of eBelgium and eNetherlands

I know that this seems unrealistic for most people now, but this is a long term project. The former merge was done too fast to be done properly, but it worked pretty well. Now I would like to make things correctly and thus, this project will probably take several months to succeed.

So I will run this month as Party President of the Belgian Democratic Front (randomly selected... OK wasn't random) to create a party which has a TRUE different purpose.

Future President of eBelgium (one day, you will see)

PS: The newspaper name of All TOgether was already taken, so there is an extra s.