Referendum for the Union of Moldova and Romainia

Day 136, 21:26 Published in USA USA by Emerick

Category: Politics

In two articles today, one from a [a url=]Moldovian newspaper[/a] and one from a [a url=]Romainian newspaper[/a] proposed a union of Romainia and Moldova via a referendum. This referendum will go on for 24 hours from the minute the articles where published, 09:21 and 10:25 eRepublik time, respectively.

In both articles, the only reasons given for the union were that they were both at one time, IRL, the same nation, Romainia; and that they both speak majorly Romainian. I pm'd both Titu Maiorescu and Pan Halippa asking them a two questions: 1) did you organize this before you posted it? and 2) what other reasons o you have for the union, besides historical?

Expect both the responses and a follow-up article tomorrow night.

Also, if this works out, what does this imply? Could eAmerica, theoretically split up by vote? Or form a larger nation consisting of the whole of North America?