Upcoming Constitution vote

Day 1,257, 04:18 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Fhaemita The Apostate

Today our president posted something on the private government forum about the upcoming constitution vote. I know this was posted on the private government forum and this is not suppose to be posted in public, I will get a lot of flack probably for posting this in public but I think it is important for the citizens of eBelgium and congressman who will vote tomorrow how the president is trying to push the constitution true our throat.

The following was posted by NLSP

Dear govmembers,
tomorrow a new constitution will be put into voting.
This was a work of many governments and will be hard to get an majority.
As governmentmember you are expected to

help this constitution to get it's required majority
explain when necessary that this is an improvement to the current constitution
convince voters that voting abstain or no means that they prefer the old and broken constitution

Whoever has any problems to do so, should contact me ASAP, just pm me.
It is not desirable that a governmentmember will publicly ridiculise the work of it's own government. You don't need to be personally in favour of constitutions to see that this is an improvement. Like always any comments/possible improvements to this constitution are welcomed

People in government are told by the president NLSP that they have to try to get a majority for the constitution even if they do not agree with the constitution. Obviously there are a couple of problems with a president trying to get a constitution true this way and forcing government members to also do so.

First off I want to say I think it's disguising that a president abuses his position like this to force his work true. He has been working on the constitution for months and now that he is president he is using his position to get this constitution true.

Second, people are very able to make up their own mind about the constitution. The government members are here to run the country not to campaign for the presidents pet project. If people disagree with the constitution that is their right. They have the right to have their own opinion on the matter. I know I would not want somebody of government bothering me because I have a different opinion and that I dislike the constitution we are voting on.

Third, the constitution is a congress matter and not a government matter. Like in RL there should be a strict like between executive, a legislature, and a judiciary branches. Government should not interfere especially in this way in a congress matters. Congress are the ones who makes laws and votes on them, and the executive branch, the government is there for the day to day running of the country.

And last off all and something that really pisses me off is that government members are suppose to rally support for this constitution and are not allowed to "ridicule" it, basically meaning that we cannot have critic on it. No, I am not going to try to get people to vote yes and after this I will try to get people to vote no. I am against this constitution as I already said multiple times. Government members are still people, and allowed to do as they please and have their own opinion. Yes, we work for the president, but no we do not have to follow everything the president says as mindless drones.

As I said I know what I did was "wrong" and I will get critic for doing so but I made my decision and I thought it to important not to make this public and see what is really going on. This is not the way a government should be run, this kind of backdoor politics and government interfering in congress matters.