[Defense] DDO day 1255/1256

Day 1,255, 19:01 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Dear citizens,
Here are the orders:

Dutch Army (anyone with Dutch citizenship but not in Navy (DFA) or Airforce (elites))
Fight in the resistance war against Poland to reclaim our long lost province. Join us on irc at #eunl and #landmacht for coordination, free food and free weapons. Fight 'till your last breath!

Dutch Navy (DFA)
Korps Mariniers: Go to IRC for orders

Dutch Airforce (eNL-Elites)
Elite Commandos: Go to IRC for orders

Sign up for our new army

If you lost too much health to recover it yourself, read THIS

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IRC Chat: #eUNL-war (Tutorial)
eNL Forum: http://www.enetherlands.nl

On behalf of the ministry of Defense and the army staff,

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