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176,830,388 worth of ULTRAVIOLENCE with Bazookas and Energy Bars

Day 1,612, 11:18 Published in USA Canada by New Faustian Man

Flausino now holds the Record damage in a single Campaign:

There are many ways he could have achieved this figure, but for the sake of a semi-interesting article lets pretend he did it ALL with Bazookas and Energy Bars, so we can break down the numbers required to wrack up the levels of ULTRAVIOLENCE he dropped in Sofia.

To do 176,830,388 Damage requires a lot of Hits whether with Q6 tanks or Bazookas! The Hit-counter if it was only Bazooka's used would be 17,682.

As a single Bazooka does 30,000 damage, if we divide this figure into 176,830,388 we get = 5894 Bazookas. Meaning if he was solely using Bazookas to do his killing he employed 5894 of them in Sofia.

The more interesting total however is how much Health it would require to achieve damage of 176,830,388, in this instance with Bazookas and Energy Bars ONLY.

As max Bazooka damage with 100 Health is 100,000, dividing 176,830,388 by this figure we arrive at "1768", in other words Flausino hit the EAT FOOD/CONSUME CANDY button 1767 times during the battle for Sofia.

To get the actual health consumed we multiply the number of occasions refilled, 1768, by 100, to get the actual amount of Health used. The figure we arrive at is 176,800 Health (approx.)

Therefore the Health required to do 176,830,388 worth of ULTRAVIOLENCE is 176,800.

We can also do a a bit of guesswork to figure out how much RL money was spent on these 1767 refills, i.e. how much he coughed up on Energy Bars.

Presuming Super Tanks wish to optimise there expenditure on Erepublik, means they'll most likely be shelling out for Bazookas and Energy Bars during one of the Special Offer periods. We'll therefore adjust our prices accordingly and factor in only Special Offer costs.

In the Special Offer for Energy Bars a Pack of 10 costs 39 Gold.

To get the 1767 refills Flausino needs, he's going to need 1767 Energy Bars.

He'll get 1000 Health, or 10 refills with a 10x PACK OF ENERGY BARS for 39 Gold. Meaning he'll need another 176 (approx.) of these PACKS to achieve his Record haul.

So altogether that's 177 10x PACK OF ENERGY BARS purchased = which will take his spending up to 6903 Gold.

If he went with the best offer on Gold prices, 300 Golds for 100 Euros, that'll be approximately 2300Euros in RL money.

In other words to achieve the Erepublik record Campaign Damage of 176,830,388 requires:

1,840 EUROS


2.414.67 US DOLLARS





*All totals take into account Flausino qualifies as a Diamond Level Top Customer and receives 20% Free Gold on every purchase

Ofcourse this is all just speculation. Its highly unlikely Flausino actually spent this sum on the battle. Its also highly probable he tanked more with Q6 weopons than with Bazookas. His in-game business interests no doubt account for a lot of what he can tank, not to mention the Gold he accrues through BH, CH and SS medals, which is evidently immense, and is also going to account for a lot.

Either way and however he did it: Mission accomplished! Sofia is successfully defended!



kovac4y Day 1,612, 11:37

good picture vs

lef-7 Day 1,612, 12:19


Andrei Lebowski
Andrei Lebowski Day 1,612, 12:21

he must be bezoomny.

Milo666 Day 1,612, 12:35

You are wrong. Flausino does not buy gold with RL cash...

He asks for gold in exchange of his damage to his "brothers" Instead

Original post

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,612, 12:55


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,612, 12:55

Not really
we all suppose he is best ever customer so :
then he can have bought candies on discount when it's 10 for 27 golds
then he can have stocked bunch of golds when the offer is 390G for 100€

so he can have "save" money ^^

Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,612, 13:34

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well! Nice article.

OliverMasin Day 1,612, 14:25


nui04 Day 1,612, 15:16

you know that he's a diamond customer and gets more than 300g every purchase?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,612, 15:57

Moloko-Plus, to be exact. No doubt Flausino had a couple glasses as he prepared for some of the old Ultraviolence against the Turks.

buba4ko Day 1,612, 16:08

the pics are from a great movie - "A Clockwork Orange"

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,612, 16:11

I can only say....damn.

sch1renc Day 1,612, 16:34

you should take account LPs. by buying EBs with LP he was probably spend much less than estimated.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,612, 16:37

This is a great vid to put you in the mood for some of the old ultraviolence

Mare Magare
Mare Magare Day 1,612, 18:10

Actually he fights using q6 tanks, as his single hit exceeds bazooka dmg. Plus, there are those dmg*1.5 boosters which you pay 30 gold and make dmg worth hundreds. Plus 10% for NE bonus.

So divide your calculation with roughly 1.65 to get a more precise result.

But yeah, the guy is insane in the membrane...

tekkirma Day 1,613, 02:30

zenginin malı züğürdün çenesi aq

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,613, 11:42

Voted, already subbed. Nice one! Needs more subs!

MohanB Day 1,613, 11:51

Nicely written article..Though I think, he would have spent some Euro 1200 for the day...

Bill7733 Day 1,613, 16:20

Also, If he had fought with bazookas only and fought for every second of the 2 hour battle, he would have clicked Fight or Eat Food, 2.7 times every second of the fight. He must get much better response times from the server than I do.

A.Angelov Day 1,614, 00:51

Your math is not quite right.
Flausino influence on hit by q6 tank is 11980 , multiplied by 1.5 from the limited booster 17970, and multiplied by 1.1 by the natural enemy 19767, roughly 177 millions influence which mean roughly 9000 hits.
It's not little but it's almost two times less than your calculations.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,614, 08:46

The limited booster was only introduced AFTER Flausino dropped these numbers.

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,689, 14:05


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