Shinsengumi Recruitment, Party, and FAQ

Day 1,236, 15:42 Published in Japan USA by Vincent Garibaldi

Shinsengumi Announcements and FAQ


The Shinsengumi is up and running, and has been for a couple of days now. Things are proceeding pretty well.

First of all, we're still recruiting. If you have a minimum of work skill level 6, are affiliated with Japan (Citizenship or residence), and want to fight more, you are welcome to join.

You will be required to work in a Shinsengumi company for 0.8 JPY a day. In return you get 30 Q5 food (300 health worth) every day you work.

To join simply PM me.
Click here to PM Vincent Garibaldi.

Political Party:
I was planning on taking over the Awesome Smiley Party of Japan anyway because it is decidedly unawesome, and I'd rather stop Joey Fortenohfiv from running for CP again.

Now I'd also like to turn it into the Shinsengumi Party.

Why? There are a few reasons. First, it would raise the visibility of the Shinsengumi, which I think is good. It would also let us snag our own subforum on the eJapanese forums if we had a political party. Plus in the absence of a Military Unit, it's a good way to see that we're here, and to serve as a badge of membership.

I'm not asking anyone to join if they don't want to. Feel free to stay in your current party, or none at all for that matter.

Also, it most likely won't be a top 5 party any time soon, or possibly ever. I'm not planning on a drive to turn us into a political force. So if you want to run for congress you'll most likely need to get the nod from some other party.

Frequently (or at least occasionally) Asked Questions:
Q:What IS the Shinsengumi?
A:In game the Shinsengumi is a commune based militia. (You work, we supply, you fight.) In real life, the Shinsengumi (Or Newly Selected Corps) was a group of Ronin organized by the Shogunate to police Kyoto. You can read up on them if you want: Shinsengumi Wikipedia Article

Q:Is the Shinsengumi part of the Japanese Imperial Army?
A:No. While loyal to Japan, the Shinsengumi is in no way affiliated with the Japanese government.

Q:How much do I get paid?
A: You get paid 0.8 JPY per day (The minimum wage). Your main compensation is getting 300 wellness worth of food per day.

Q:Why don't you give out weapons?
A:We give weapons to members that self commune (i.e. work in their own grain and food companies everyday), and we are stockpiling weapons to be distributed to all members in times of big battles.

Q:Is the Shinsengumi going to have a Military Unit?
A: Not right now. Eventually, we might. MU's cost 40 gold to form and offer only slight benefits. For now that gold is better spent on fighting or saving up. There will hopefully be a political party which can serve as a military unit of sorts though.

Q:What happens if I don't work?
A:You don't get food that day.

Q:What happens if I work under 90 wellness?
A:The first time you get a reminder to work at 90+ wellness everyday. After that, part of your rations (daily food) will be taken away.

Q:Can I have a border on my avatar?
A: Sure, just PM a link to your avatar, and I'll add it and send it back.

Q:Where am I supposed to fight?
A:Unless otherwise ordered, you should fight where the daily battle orders tell you too. You can find a link to the Ministry of Defenses paper (which you ought to subscribe to) here:

Q:The only job offer at the company is for skill 6!
A: That's not a question. Don't worry, just click apply. You can take job offers which are for lower skill levels. That is a skill 10 can take any job skill 10 and below.

Q:Will the Shinsengumi publish Battle orders?
A:Not for the time being, though I'm considering it. If we start, I'll let all members know.

Q:Are the Shinsengumi going to deploy abroad?
A: Not right now. For the time being our focus is on building the organization, increasing activity, and increasing damage. Sending people abroad regularly adds both organizational and budget pressures. When we are more firmly established we very possibly will.

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