Presidents are Stealing Gold(International)

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Recently, a day before the last presidental elections, the then-president of Moldova, Underdog, stole 500 Gold from it's treasury, according to Pan Halippa, on the [a url=]politics board[/a]. He was immediately supported by two Romainian users, one which claims to have "witnessed" the event. However, The e😜resident claims that neither did he steal the money(he admitted to taking 7 Gold, but then put it back), but nor has Moldova ever had 500 Gold.

But this wasn't the only story to come out of that topic. According to users from Austria, Argentina, and Russia; their e😜residents also stole money from their treasury before leaving office. The Russians didn't have much to say and the Austrians only said that their e😜resident had told them it was a bug(yeah right).

But the Argentinians story was brought to light. Joimzhando, the e😜resident of Argentina and several citizens argued for pages(still going on), not about whether or not he took the money, he says in his first post that he bought it(but not how much he paid); they're arguing about whether or not he's a tyrant or if the second wave of citizens are corrupting the democratic process.

To make a long story short, Joimzhando was president of Argentina when a second wave of citizens arrived. These citizens grew to dislike Joimzhando and believe that he was a tyrant, so they voted him out of power. When Joimzhando saw what was happening, he bought all the Gold to save it from the newbies that are corrupting his country(he says that you can't withdraw money from the treasury, Idk if that's true). Basically, it's a big mess.

The admins posted this response to citizens cry for help on the second page: "We are sorry but we don't investigate punish corruption cases unless there is law against it voted by the congress and accepted by the President and the Admin, in that country."

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want that to happen here. I really don't think Nave wants to steal from the treasury(unless he improved the economy so much just so he could steal it(lol no)), but we still should protect ourselves from this future corruption because we can. There's no harm in making a law that benefits the entire country. So let's get on this, it should be approved by everyone. Let's stop this before it starts.


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