New Military: the United States Armed Forces

Day 1,235, 15:55 Published in USA USA by Emerick
Good day, my fellow Americans,

Once again, I'm going to talk about the military situation. It's been 3 days since the stalemate between the JCS and Congress began, and we need to do something. We can't afford to sit in limbo and wait for the JCS and congress to come to a compromise, which honestly won't happen. We have to come up with a solution quickly to stop the flood of people leaving our military and country, for fear that our military system is collapsing, or because they simply don't want to deal with our bullshit politics. Stopgap. We can't afford to lose good soldiers because of our political squabbling. Therefore, I've decided to use the power bestowed upon me by congress to create a new United States Military run by the Department of Defense.

One might ask, "why not turn the US military system into a full militia system?" The logic is that different militias competing for funding will be more innovative in their use of funding, communes, etc. The problem with us going to a militia system is that it's simply not fair for our other militias to compete with our JCS "military", whatever they choose to call themselves.

Don't get me wrong in this regar😛 the military unit that was our official military, paid for by the United States' taxpayers, is now a militia. It's all semantics, and you can call yourselves whatever you want to for all I care. What's important is that we all know that those who choose to stay in their units will continue to give 100% to their country. Without a doubt, there are those who may try to argue otherwise, or so I've heard. Their arguments hold no merit whatsoever. And I can say this with all confidence, because I was in SEES. People hated SEES, and because we liked trolling people, they apparently thought that we were not to be trusted. But we fought to protect America, our allies, and our political integrity at every given opportunity. Politically, we gave up two or three entire elections to send all of our voters to ATO, because we held America first, just like I know the fine men and women who have tirelessly worked for us in our former military have. Semantics are semantics. All that matters is who we fight for. And we all fight for America and our allies. Together.

By now you're wanting to know how far along we've come in our new United States Armed Forces. Secretary of Defense Avruch has worked tirelessly with his staff to establish an incredibly efficient commune system that can, at this time, supply 60 soldiers 200 - 300 food per day with very little funding. We have a roster, a channel, a training plan in the works, an application. We've set up two divisions; one for experienced soldiers called the US Army First Division, and another known as Boot Camp with a training program for new citizens.

Your initial leadership of our United States Army is as follows: Commanding Officer, General Deificus; Executive Officer, Lt. General Alexander Hamilton; Quarter Master General, Colonel CRoy; 1st Division Commanding Officer Colonel Deerslayer77, Boot Camp Commanding Officer Colonel Firo Prochainezo. I'd like to thank all of these people for stepping up to the plate to run our organization, as well as all new applicants, such as Colin Lantrip for continuing to lend their damage to our country, and their support to our newborn military.

Everyone knows that the most important part of any fighting force is an awesome avatar addition. We have spared no expense to hire the most expensive artists to create the most aesthetically pleasing mil avatar to date. What we came up with was amazing. I present to you two choices of mine for my US Army avatar:

F yeah, right? Pretty sleek, yeah? It's simple and elegant. The blue stripe represents the canton area of our national flag, the union. The single star up top symbolizes that we are each a singular part of a greater whole: no one man wins a war, only together can we overcome the forces that seek to destroy us and our allies. It also doubles as a fun and easy distinction between divisions. Those in Boot Camp will have bronze stars, mid range soldiers and officers will have silver, people with higher strength will have gold, and tank level soldiers and officers will have platinum. Also, The red and white represent peppermint candy canes, which are delicious. There is currently talk of showing rank as seen on this early buil😛

And let's not forget to thank liek12 for creating this.

Getting back to the JCS/Congress controversy, I'd like to quickly discuss something that I recently read on the forum. Kell Draygo said, "there are no winners in this, only losers." I believe that, while the arguments and controversy isn't awesome the end result is actually exactly what we need. Like I said in my last article, people want accountability, and while the JCS system works as a military unit, it doesn't work as a national military. I'm quite excited to see how it shapes up in the future, being the most elaborate and largest militia in the US. They will definitely keep the rest of us on our toes, I'm sure. The JCS is saying right now that they won't accept funding, but I hope they change their minds. I insist. And I hope that they stick around for a long time. They've been an integral part of our nation for a long time, and they only make us a more interesting nation. I'm looking forward to what they produce in the future, and I look forward to continuing to work with them during my term.

Sentient people of earth! It's with mixed feelings that I present to you our newest national escapade. I wish good luck to all involved. To all militias and military units in our country: may the competition begin! Our new military is projected to use less funding than the last, so OMS will be giving out more funds to help our militias put out more damage. Remember that performance = money, and act smart. Also look at this:

President Emerick
April 8, 2011
Day 2
Signing out