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Since I´m the originator of the Senate* I think it´s time for me to say something about the current affairs on the referendum. *disclaimer: I´ve never been a senator by the way!

First of all I´d like to say thay I don´t have a problem with referenda, however they should be used with care and only for nation-wide things that affect us all. This referendum unfortunately isn´t of them. It´s about something that only happens on the forum.
However saying to ban or avoid this referendum goes definitely too far in my book. I would advice to use my flowchart below, it´ll save you lotta time 😉

What is the Senate?

It´s about what we call our administrative group the ´senate´ on the forum, in contrast to the RL senate, it isn´t a political power, and doesn´t make political decisions. They have some extra rights, but in order to help out the government and congress. It´s powers are thus generaly grosly overestimated, especially when compared to the congress and the president. It´s a new institution with has delivered mixed results, it definitly needs some fine-tuning, but there is good progress being made on that atm.
read more on the wiki about the senate

What about this I hear about someone abusing his power?

Yes, there has been 1 incident of power abuse 2 months ago, but this isn´t a structural problem, but it´s a incident between 2 people.
The person who was bullied had the right to raise a vote to have the senator removed from the senate, but didn´t for multiple reasons.
Currently we are even elaborating on those laws to make such abuse even less likely to happen. It looks very promising.
(UPDATE: after 2 months he decided to ´prosecute´ the senator after all, so in some sense the referendum is a bit redundant)

the elite isn´t that bad
Yeah but what about this elitist power-block we have?

Yes there is a sort of ´elite´ in erep, and I´ve been quite skeptical about it in my earlier erep-life. However the Dutch really have a cultural issue with elitism, when generally the people who we call ´elite´ are the people who are just the people who actually work hardest for this country, they are the ones staying up all night to coordinate battles, write long law proposals, think out new strategies to make the community more alive or help out in coaching in recruiting.
Hell, our special forces army was called "NL elites" for a long time.
What stays important is that new players at least get chance to play along with the big-guys, and that they openly communicate with the whole community.
But in the end merit will prevail.

So what should I vote then?

Well it´s up to you, I made this nice flowchart to help you a bit. Otherwise I´d advise you to read all current articles in the news about it, or read the actual constitution chapter about it, but this whole referendum is all quite useless if you never visit the forums anyway.

big image here

TL😉R version
1. senate = only on forum, very small, not so powerfull as you think, not so evil as hoped
2. u not on forum? keep fappin´ ! u on forum: read!
3. have a little faith in me


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