People of eAmerica, Guns'n Stuff needs your help!

Day 134, 13:18 Published in USA USA by Emerick

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Guns'n Stuff is going out of business.

I just noticed yesterday when I was at work that our balance is below zero. What the hell? Less than a week ago it was in the thousands! So I messaged Benn a few times and he said that he might have to shut it down. What the hell!? So not long after that(3 hours) I realized that it must be an elaborate April Fool's joke. "Oh God, that had me scared," I thought, "But seriously, how likely is it that our only Q3 weapons business is losing money, especially this close to the war mod's release?" Preposterous, I thought. Completely impossible, I believed. So I went to sleep that night without worry.

This morning when I checked into work I expected to see profits in the thousands again, laugh at Benn's funny joke again, and go along my merry way. But profits weren't up. They were still below zero. I freaked out. I mean, this is our Q3 weapons company. Our ONLY Q3 weapons company, and if it can't survive just days before the war mod comes out, then when the hell can it? Everyone should be stocking up on the highest grade weapons that we have, I know I am. Who knows when those syrup-loving frostbitten Canadians are going to show up, with their own Q3 weapons saying, "I'm gonna blow your head off, eh?" And then blow your head off. And what are you going to do? Reach for your all powerful Q1 weapon? All that's gonna do is blow off their toes, and those toes have frostbite, so it's not a loss to them!

Seriously, Benn's not going to be able to go to Q4 with these kinds of sales. So why aren't you buying? Do you think there won't be any war for us? Is it money? What is it? You don't like Q3 and Q4? Really, the people in the MDT should be buying them like they're going out of businessBECAUSE THEY ARE.

Just buy some guns from GNS, it's not that much to ask. Just 5 or 6 is enough to pull them above zero.

Please eAmericans, you're our only hope.

Here's some green hair chick to get you motivated.