[EDEN] The brotherhood expands and our tree adds two new leaves

Day 1,210, 15:21 Published in Croatia Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Dear Allies,

It gives me both great pleasure and great satisfaction to formally welcome both eIreland and eUkraine to the brotherhood of EDEN.

At EDEN’s previous summit we had the honor to formally discuss the membership of both eUkraine and eIreland. After reviewing the months of solidarity, of help and friendship which has resulted in growing trust, respect and mutual bond, a favorable vote was easily given to them, and as a consequence we are today talking about an enlarged brotherhood.

A brotherhood which now includes eIreland and eUkraine.

The discussion, vote and ultimately the acceptance of both eIreland and eUkraine was at this point more of a “formalization” of a relationship which already exists since our cooperation and friendship with these countries is both extensive and lengthy. Both eUkraine and eIreland have been under EDEN’s military protection and have also contributed to the military protection of EDEN. They both have been supported by and both support EDEN and the support and trust of eIreland and eUkraine towards EDEN has solidified the trust and bond that now binds them into our brotherhood.

As members of our alliance they have the same rights and obligations as all other member nations and we look forward to our increased future mutual co-operation and defense.

Welcome eIreland!
Welcome eUkraine!
Welcome brothers!

Hail eIreland!
Hail eUkraine!


P.S. The previous P.R. Organizer of EDEN,irishbhoy1967, has left because of time constraints and RL issues, I, smee again, am now the new P.R. Organizer of EDEN.