The Cabinet March 2011

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Vice President: Allen Webster

Minister of Foreign Affairs: KrimpieKat(no he is not leaving)
Deputy: wincenty1

Minister of Defense: Allen Webster
Deputy: SpottedFrog

Minister of Security: Nick Jones
Deputy: Luc Praetor
Director on Intel: Mark Morcom

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Deputy: Zamrg
Interns: Please if you have an interest in economics please let Lazer and I know

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Oprah Winfrey
Deputy: Matt Le ROux
Director of Information: SamGibz
Director of Mentorship: Mr. Wet
Director of Immigration: Tenshibo

Minister of Reconstruction and Development.
Hamilton Moore

Presidential advisers this month.
Grimstone, Cyber Witch, Zamrg AND anyone who wants to be positive for eSA

Let's keep it together and go forward.

Strength in Unity

I want the growth of eSA owned businesses

Also New Blood is needed. If you are new and want to help any Minister let them and me know.

Thank You
eSA President