[GOD] Deleting my account

Day 1,190, 12:43 Published in Ireland Ireland by CelticTiger211

Deleting my account \o/

This game hasn‘t been enjoyable for a long, long time. The reason I was sticking around was because I didn’t want to see anything bad happen to my beloved Ireland but then I realised something that broke my heart eIreland isn‘t real.

So then I thought “what the hell is the point in playing something that isn’t fun!?!”
Why log on everyday to watch the degenerates struggle hard against their disabilities.

I mean we have Dan, my favourite clown, who thinks that the rental deals with the United States & Canada are handicapping the nation...LOL!
Then we have the half wit Gonzo who has his head so far up his own arse that lump in his throat is his God-damn nose, the chap is a derp & a half.
Grainne is a bit of an oddball tbh, all the virgins of the community are so love strucken with her that they can’t see past the fact that she’s a moany cow who does nothing.
I do enjoy her bitter one line comments that define her sour, bitter personality greatly. The larfs are intense on the IRC when she quotes her queer poetry.
Lastly we have our own e-Jedwerd Dylan & Cas’, God forbid they say something intelligent (both still heart broken that Patton is gone, forever alone guys ;_😉
LOL just styled on everybody \o/

Not to forget how sucky this game is…Infinite wellness packs, media restrictions, auto-attack rules, NE strength bonus, an ecstasy of bugs and an infinity of glitches!
Don’t fool yourselves the admins don’t care in the slightest about feedback. There’s a 3 month old petition in the Presidential section of the forums asking to remove the auto-attack rules, it’s been signed by a diversity of Presidents but has fallen on deaf ears with the admins not even having the decency to comment on it. Good job guys!

Also the admins replied to my ticket about the banking funds, 7800 IEP & 14g was disturbed to 3 orgs, 2 of which were under the ownership of Dubh', the 3rd one had some dead citizen as the owner with 1500 IEP still in the account. When I brought it up with him he gave me 2500 IEP to stfu.

Try not to miss me to much, I know me leaving will lower the average IQ drastically (sorry for that).
your Lord,
Jesus Christ aka CT