The 1st BoDi Awards

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Welcome to the 1st BoDi Awards

It is my privilege and honor to present the BoDi Crowns of Honor to the following people:

The 1st National Belgian Honor
> ThomasRed, for his recent contributions to the Belgian nation.

The 1st BoDi Award of Progress
> Olv007, for his progressive approach in improving the Belgian nation.

The 1st BoDi Life Achievement Award
> Manong Rizal, for his life-dedication to the Belgian nation.

The 1st BoDi Iconic Award
> M.Leviathin, for his iconic personality.

The 1st BoDi Award of Media
> Mittekemuis, for her advancements and contributions to the Belgian media.

The 1st Bodi Purple Heart
> Gibberish45, for his dedication that helped the nation.

The 1st Bodi Award of Merit
> temujin94, for his hard-work and accomplishments.

On a personal note, it has been fun! Meaning, it is time to say goodbye. I've been with Belgium for a very very long time and I truly loved this place, but it's time to move on and to move forward. I no longer have any positions in the govt. and military so I will be embarking on a new journey to a new place. I wish you all well!

Oh, and travel_be's been cancelled. Sorry. 🙁

Hasta Later Mes Amis!

La B♥lgique, Je t'♥ime!

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