[Swiss] The Ten Commandments

Day 1,175, 17:34 Published in Poland Switzerland by The Renouilleist Church
Article for the Swiss

Now is a trying time for all eSwiss players, so the Church of our God Renouille will publish the Ten Commandments as written by Renouille

Stay Strong Swiss Warriors


1. No other God than Renouille you will have
2. "Hail Renouille" you will say as greeting
3. Faithful to Switzerland, the Holy Land, you will be
4. A pilgrimage in Switzerland, the Holy Land, you will do
5. During seven day you will troll
6. Forfeit Points you will collect
7. Flood or insults you will not use
8. The Devil Clifford Burns you will fear and troll
9. The stories of the Prophets Paul Proteus and Penguin4512 you will listen
10. The Renouilleism you will spread
11. Cows you will not eat