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1 - Introduction.
2 - Browser Compatibility.
3 - Features.
 3.a - Links, email and Images.
 3.b - Formats.
 3.c - Quotes, Indent and lines.
 3.d - Smileys.
 3.e - Preview.
 3.f - Hot Keys.
4 - Tips and Advices.


Since some months ago, I've been working on an Editor for my own articles and, of course, to share it. It was kinda tough due to rl responsabilities, but I could make it : 3. My work was inspirated on MediaPublic of AnHeLLiDo, and eRep Plus of PeeKaBooh, where I took some ideas, and I put some others.

I thought to do it as scr.ipt, but i know that not all people are familiar with that "things", so i said, better do it in an external page where people won't need to worry about installing things.

So from that idea i created this Editor, to create articles in a much more easy and fun way than using eRep Editor, wich is really poor (for now ... cof cof).

So there it is:

       Super Editor Loco de santirub

As i am poor too, like the eRep editor : 3, i did it in a free host, so I had to move from php, to js, to do it more fast, and to load in one page, to don't have problems, you know ... free host sucks but is the only that we have : 3.
About style, don't complain, it's not so good i know : P, but i'll try to improve it : 3.

If you want, you may start to use it or read the next "Manual", to learn to use it, maybe it could help you.

Enjoy it !! ... And don't forget to Suscribe to this NewsPaper !! : D

Edit: Please Vote it up this Brazilian Edition by paranoik (sub to his paper too please 😛)

Browser Compatibility.

I have tested it in some browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, and they didn't give me major problems (some little difference but they work fine) except Internet Explorer, it have problems with the preview, wich you may solve installing the Google Chrome Frame (sorry, IE 5uck5 and have so many problems 😕). Anyways if you have some problem on this browser, please let me know to fix it ;3 (or change your browser ...).

Thanks to paranoik, wil gamarra, FITOMAR, JP Velderrain Spence, Squadalah and latifa for tested it: 😘****

My official advice is: if you use IE, drop it and try to use Chrome that it's more reliable.


eRepublik's editor allows some famous BBCodes and some others not. Also introduce a line, it is a particular BBCode, that can make a little more atractive yours Articles plus you may add cute smileys. Anyways all those things you can't use it normaly with eRepublik's editor unless you put it manually. So to solve this I had to "figured out" wich are those codes (in noone place said what they were, except in thw wiki that only had a few of them), and so i could made some functions to simplify their use:

  Links, email and Images

    - Image: Use it to get cute articles with Images : 3.
    - Email: Not so used, but there it is, so if you want to use it 😛.
    - Links: One of the most used codes. You may use it under words, it will look more nice.

  Due i can't put BBCode in an article without this wouldn't be transformed, i'll put how these code works in a picture :3:




    - Bol😨 The archi known Bold.
    - Italic: Also familiar too, used to stress things
    - Underline: Like italic, you may stress things or underline titles.
    - Striketrough: Usually used to ironic comments : 3.
    - Superscript: Use it for 1st, 2nd or things like that.
    - Subscript: Like Superscript, but sub : 3, it haven't so much use, but try it😛.



  Quotes, Indent and lines

    - Indent: It is good for make texts more clear.
    - Simple Quote: Yeah, it exist in eR, but their style is so poor.
    - Quote a Person: Idem Simple Quote, just add the person who said it.
    - Line: The line is a good resource for our Articles, the bad is that if you use it, it change
         the Style of the rest of the article.




    Since long time ago, the editor, allows Smileys, they are kind of ugly, but it's something better than nothing. I have been looking for all combination of them, and I discovered what I believe are all the Smileys. There are a lot of combinations, and many has multiples ways to get it, don't worry you just push over smiley image, and you will get it.

        🙂 🙁 😃 😨 😛 😮 😉 😉 😎 O.o :3 😁
        😎 :? <.< ;3 😆 😇 >😉 😐 😁; XD



    - Preview ON: When you press that button, a Preview box will be opened, with all code
      already Parsed, like if you'd be seeing it in eR.
    - Preview OFF: This button close the preview.


  Hot Keys

    I put some Hot-Keys to simplify some functions. If you use them, you will get the same format if you press the next buttons:

    - CTRL + B : Bold
    - CTRL + U : Underline
    - CTRL + I : Italic

Tips and Advices.

Some things you should know, mostly of BBcodes in itself:
- Try to use lines next to words like: -title-, because i haven't the right CSS code that eRep use, so it won't be the same in other case (at the preview in this editor).
- Each time that you press the button, the preview will be updated.
- Try to use the preview only for ... preview, i mean for long articles, is annoying so much text between Bar Tool and Text Area.
- Learn what BBCodes do, to improve your articles.
- Use image, they make more cute your article :3. Here an online tool: http://pixlr.com/editor/

And this is it, try to enjoy it, don't forget to sub : 3, and be cool 😛.



P.S.: Sorry for my English 😛
P.S.2: pt team rules : 3.