[POTUS] PanAm is a Go!

Day 1,161, 15:03 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

My Fellow Americans,

Today I am proud to announce that the PanAm charter has officially been adopted by all founding nations. An article from all of the Country Presidents should be published in the coming days.

I know the administration has kept a lot of the info about PanAm under lock and key. This changes today. The information you’ve been waiting for follows my regular Ask the President responses.

What are the long term goals of attacking Iran, and what do we plan on getting out of it?

Well, obviously Iran is not our target. They were a necessary stepping stone into Europe. For the first time since Jewitt’s presidency, we will be in mainland Europe. Since we have every resource in the game, we need to find more fun things to do.

After recent changes to the world map, eUS is bordering on eIndonesia. Please explain the current relationship between the two countries and is there any plan for some changes?

Well, Indonesia and USA haven’t seen eye-to-eye on much. We were rivals in Colin Lantrip’s and Alexander Hamilton’s presidencies. However, our new shared border can either be a blessing, or a liability. We would love to be able to work with them in the future, since they share allies with us in Argentina and Brazil.

When will there be peace with Paki?

Well, as seen here, this has already happened. Pakistan has been a true friend this month, and we will not forget what they have done for us this month.

The other questions had to do with PanAm. We have one last month of Ask the President, so please ask questions here!

As I said earlier, all of the nations originally invited to join have ratified the PanAm charter. Now that we’re all committed, we’re going to work closely to make sure the alliance grows in power and influence. A name change is being considered, so as to not alienate any potential European member states.

Speaking of which...

I revealed a few countries we were in talks with. That served as a teaser for this article.

How could it be possible for age old enemies to become allies? Turkey and Greece have an open war with each other at the moment. Greece has been winning a string of victories, but there is a reason for this. Turkey, in an effort to display it’s commitment to PanAm, has decided not to contest these battles. I thank them for their selflessness.

We’re in talks with Greece at the moment to return the regions back to Turkey. I have spoken with their leaders multiple times, and I feel that we are making progress. Discussions are ongoing, and I will release more information when I can do so confident that a resolution has been reached.

Talks are ongoing with Russian leaders, interested in exploring the possibility of membership in PanAm. Despite our conflicts in the past, we are looking forward. Should the member nations of PanAm choose to officially consider Russia for membership in this alliance, America will weigh their petition on its merits, and not base our actions on past rivalry.

Cromania, our old EDEN allies are both optimistic about joining in the future. The problem with contacting EDEN member states is that EDEN is still around (technically). A lot of the countries we have talked to want to remain in the alliance until dissolution.

Croatia and Romania have fought for us countless times in the past, and have been great allies to us. America will support any petition by either country to join PanAm.

Approaching China to join PanAm was an obvious move for America. We’ve been allied with them for many months, and our bro-love is world renowned. China’s prime time is a near-perfect compliment to our own, and their support has allowed us to take and hold regions, when it would have otherwise proven impossible.

The growth of PanAm will be a priority for each of her founding members, and the countries listed are only the beginning of our efforts to expand PanAm’s influence around the globe.

In the tradition of one of my predecessors, Harrison Richardson, I gift you with boobs. It’s the only acceptable way to end an article of this MAGNITUDE.

President of the eUnited States