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After several days of hard work the "surprise article" is finally published. It is dedicated to the leaders of the eWorld and in some sence the new war module.
I asked the leaders of the eWorld what they think about war. How does it make them feel? I did not want any formal answers, I asked them to let their hearts out, to open up.
I was surprised at some of the answers, and with others... Maybe not that surprised. However, with this article I want to shed some light on the fact that our leaders may seem crude at first glance but if you scratch the surface and you ask them to let their feelings out they are thinking, deliberate people just like any one of us.
Here are the wise words of our leaders. Enjoy!

Argentina - Joimzhando
- There's no need to.

Austrailia - Neo26988
-I quote Fallout: "War never changes."

Austria – VoXx
- War is a big word, and war is not a good thing, but sometimes we need it, but I want peace in this world and I hope many more want it too.

Bulgaria - IcoBgr
- I do not know how it works. How to defend our country? That is what I think at first.

Canada - Faltnor
- If you say war. Hmm. Well, Its a very controversal subject. But if it came down to being Invaded our War Minister would handle it and could push back any army right off the coasts.

Czech Republic - Vinzent Zeppelin

Denmark - Grev Per
- NO WAY! Denmark is a peace loving people and we pretty much just hope that no one in the world can afford war against us. So in short: "War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"

Germany - DKN
- If I hear the word war I have to remember back to my history lessons in school. And in German schools you were tought to hate war and all kinds of war. The most important thing my teacher said to me : "It is our duty not to forget! Germany should never be initiator or part of a war again..."

So I think it is important to prepare for war in the game but it is although important for me (under my period as president) that Germany won't be an aggressor. We just fight if we have to fight for our freedom, sovereignty and our wonderful people...

Hungary - Imre Barbarossza
- War? Alliance.
Hungary is a relatively small country that is why we do not have enough resources and soldiers to conquer. Our interest is peace and stability at the borders. However, our neighbours are not sharing this opinion. Our only chance to survive is to establish a multilateral, powerful alliance. Such alliance itself can prevent war, or as a last resort the mutual protection comes into picture.
That is what I think when I hear the word war.

India - Illuminati
- Well, we are not declaring war on anybody anytime soon, but if someone attacks us we will defend this country to the last man.

Indonesia - yanezu
- Ill say lets go...Whatever your country is , we are ready 😃

Iran – Koroush
- Awful. Darkness. Hate. Unnecessary.
Avoid it as much as you can. War has no winners but losers.
If a nation of peace is being attacked, no matter how awful war is. The country must be protected and everyone should help.

Ireland - Michael Collins
- I quote Albert Einstien: "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war."

Israel - CyberStormAlpha
- Why? What is the purpose of this war? Which nations or peoples compose the sides? To what ends are both sides willing to venture? Have all other options been exhausted?

Japan - Wej
- When you say war, i say something to prevent. Right now, I am trying to put together some close nit alliances with countries around us. My country is to small to stand a chance in war against any bigger country, but we are going to defend East Asia from any invasion, keeping all bigger countries away.

Mexico – Dhoo
- Mexico has not become jumbled in a war for many years. The human being forgets soon. The Mexican does not know what a war is. For a Mexican, the war is a distant concept, something that happens abroad, almost completely theoretical.
If the history of the human being has taught me something, it is that all the wars begin by the mistaken reasons. The fault of a war is not of the soldiers. The fault of a war is not of the enemy. The fault of a war is of those who declared the war.

In the war, the heroes are born and the legend is written.

Netherlands - Overmaze
- When I think of war, I think of pain and all kinds of negative feelings. But on the other hand history has proven we cannot live in peace, therefore there will always be wars as long as there are people on this planet. So there will always will be wars, and for all kinds of reasons. People forget the tragedy a war brings for the people in war as well as economicly and militairy. War is expensive and should be avoided at all costs.

Pakistan - Dio Brando
- Peace.

Poland – Majkal
- Oh I just feel what I hope everyone else feels, misery.

Portugal – PHuSiOn9
- I say profit.

Romania - Cristesco
- I would say OK for a small war, but I am against a new World War.

Russia - Sasha Igorovich
- It is difficult to respond to a single word. I guess I would have to say that I agree with Gen. Patton who said "War is hell!" and on the basis of that I personally feel we are better off if we can avoid it.
I know that there will be wars, but I hope to keep Russia out of them if at all possible.

Slovakia – Johann
- I don’t know what to say.
War is a solution but not a good one.

South Korea – quisterr
- War is nothing my proud people should be worried about at the moment. We need to grow stronger economically before we can even discuss the possibility of war.

Spain - Meiko
- Everyone looses. Its a no win situation. Its something we dont approve but we prepare carefully for it.

Sweden - ZiggyZag
- Well, who likes war in IRL? In Erepublik on the other hand nobody gets hurt. War will be a useful way to control and stimulate the economy. Sweden is a responsible superpower and will act accordingly, still, our big and powerful army demands respect from the other nations.

Switzerland – Frans von Echtlen
- I say an idea that is as alien to Swiss people as a flat desert. War disrupts the profits and economic success that peacetime stability brings with it.

Thailand – Ian Dunross
- War should not be an option during this harsh period for Thailand.
I acknowledge that its a possibility, but the decision will be taken by the people of Thailand.

Ukraine - ua_bogdan
- War - instability.
Changes and probably devastation.
Our country wont in any case give up our land. We will fight to the end!

United Kingdom - Kaleb
- Umm, I say Waaaaaaghh!
er, no wrong game.
I say - it will certainly add a new interesting dimension to the game.

USA - Nave Isikiliah

Venezuela - zotho
- If you say war, I'd say stupid.

Responded to the PM sent out but could not give an answer due to different reasons.

Did read but not respond to the PMs sent out:
Belgium - Annie Chanovsky
Brazil - Ed
China - YudhArifin Jr,
Finland - Ape
France - Evohe
Greece - tharkas
Italy - carloarturo
Moldova - Underdog
Norway - Forconin
South Africa - Jeffa
Turkey - BattalGazi

I hope all this was appreciateble and maybe inspiring. I put up with a lot to do this article, both my linguistic skill, because some people have a little trouble understanding english I ended up sending out PMs in their respective native and/or official languages. Allso my patience was stretched to its braking point. I lost count of all the PMs that was sent out only to be lost in the cyber space and never reach its destination, all the answers that was sent to me but never came that far. It has been a time of dispair and desperation, but allso hope and joy. Because in the end, now that i see it, I can realy feel that it was worth everything.
I would allso like to thank everyone for making this possible, and I hope this experience have enriched you all as it have enriched me, both "eProfessionally" as a journalist and as a person. I allso hope that all the readers have found something in this publication that will help them grow intellectually and as an eCitizen. And finally I have some "words of wisdom" of my own I would like to share with you all: MUTUAL UNDESTANDING. This is the remedy to all problems.
Now, take care of eachother! Until next time, fare well!

EDIT: ZiggyZag has given me an answer in place of Carradine.

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