Iran is on military strike

Day 1,158, 12:53 Published in Iran Iran by Divine DEMON

To whom it may concern

As you may know, Many things have happened recently, weakening eIran.

Iranian RL government has blocked eRepublik, so we cannot access it unless using

proxies, which will cause an unbearable lag.

Many Iranian players left eWorld due to this blockage and eIran, who used to be one of the

most populous countries of the eWorld, now is on 22th place of population with 2170~


But we tried our best to keep eIran as strong as possible. You can see on the link below

that Iran is doing really good.

Standing on 3rd place of total daily damage is not something just haphazard. It proves we

really are trying to do our best.

Meanwhile, some cheaters are using illegal scripts, dealing a huge amount of damage in a

fraction of a second!

It is not the point that we are weaker than our enemies. We know how to cope with our

enemies. All we want is a FAIR GAME.

So, by this letter, The government of eIran states that eIran’s Army will not fight in any

battle, unless either the Admin or Plato, clarify if using of this sort if scripts are illegal or

not. If we are allowed to use them and there is nothing wrong with them, we all use them.

And If they are illegal, the cheaters must be punished.

May the day come that we’ll see no more cheaters.