Italian Businessman in France Makes Waves(France)

Day 131, 17:27 Published in USA USA by Emerick

Catagory: Economy

I was bored yesterday, and as I always do when I'm bored, I decided to check out some foreign news. I hadn't looked in on France in while, so I figured I'd see what was going on over there. I browsed through a few articles, nothing big, business as usual, "the war module's coming out, let's make allies" kind of stuff. But then I saw a headline that rea😛 "[a url=]Linus est pourri[/a]", literally "Linus is rotten" according to babelfish. Well what's this? A feud? So I checked it out.

Apparently this Linus was Italian, or at least his real account is. He made a new account, [a url=]LinusCorp - France[/a], for doing business in France. He bought a housing company from Cicero, [a url=]Bouygues[/a], and promptly did what any good businessman would do and fired people with low attendance. This immediately got him in hot water with the locals, [a url=]as you can see in the comments to his first article as LinusCorp - France[/a]. He also changed salaries. He said in that first article that some people were making more than twice as much as other people with the same skill level, so he posted a standardization, which seems fair. His final crime against the people of France was lowering the price of the houses sold by Bouygues - Linus Corporation (which is now for sale) from 199 to 99 FRF. He explained in that same article that he's a new account, and doesn't have the funds to pay the extravagant amounts that Cicero could and needs to drop prices until he can afford to live comfortably.

On top of that, Linus is accused of being an Italian spy, but not everyone curses Linus. meza and Henri de la Rochejaquelein seem to support him and understand his reasons, but encourage him to talk to their Minister of the Economy to get on the program that he created.

Linus seems to be taking quite a beating in France, but its probably just temporary, and though he did put the company up for sale, it was probably nothing more than a show of good faith.