[CP] A New Era

Day 1,156, 12:18 Published in Ireland Ireland by CelticTiger211

As of today the IDF is disbanded.
Our national military has been a large handicap onto our country. Ministers of Defence inherit an unorganised, out dated system of military that, when compared to armed forces around the World, fails hard!
The IDF lacked modernisation using an infective template of infrastructure. It lacked consistency in maintenance, every term it was subject to a new roster of staff. It lacked organisation, all soldiers could run free & demand supplies with no commitment to the military made on their part.
The IDF has been subject to countless reforms all unsuccessful. So rather than attempt a 6th or 7th reform I’ve decided to scrap our national forces and institute a new military.
So what will replace it?

Arise the Irish Army and with her birth the beginning to an era of professionalism, national unity and strength.
Her establishment was halted by admin’ niggling changes, still we’ve worked around those inconveniences and set up a nice, professional outfit.
The army has two resource officers one tasked with monitoring food production, the other tasked with monitoring weapon production. We currently have 2 grain companies, 2 Q3 food companies, 2 iron companies and a Q4 weaponry company (with a Q5 Weapon Company & a Moving Ticket Company awaiting migration). We’ll assess production this coming week and may invest in more Raw Material companies.
The role of these officers will also entail stocking supply orgs which will be used by the Army’s supply staff to equip soldiers with food & guns.
Soldiers will appeal for food through army spreadsheets and, during prioritised battles, appeal for weapons through spreadsheets. Our supply chain is free of discrimination based upon rank and strength, all who work within the military will be armed. We believe that the army’s progression is dependant on the progression of her soldiers.

“Always In The Fight”
Damn right we are!
I encourage you all to enlist today and join the Army!
Official channel: #IrishArmy

The next military update from our Department of Defence org will be addressing all soldiers of the Irish Army. I hope you will take note of the nice alterations we’ve made to the orders J

Lastly, I’d like to thank those of you who kindly donated to this project and those of you who worked so hard toward making it a success.
Anthony Colby, James Keiller, Yddub Emwolb, John Snuggles, orangejuicemmm, Marcus Suridius, Irishbhoy1967, Seanan I you all.

All together my administration is extremely proud of this advancement.
Your President,