[CP] What’s going on?

Day 1,147, 11:51 Published in Ireland Ireland by CelticTiger211

I’m back for the term, I’m going to take the advice of Snakeyes and take a break afterwards, revert to two clicking for a while
1) My Cabinet can be found here.
2) Dan has brought the new Welcoming Message forward to the Dail. The discussion is open to everybody, I offered 3g to anybody who could best my opening to it (post#19) this has now risen to 5g. It’s a nice project and I’d encourage you all to give some input and voice any ideas you may have.
3) Please vent your frustration.
The Admins…
Are upsetting me. I contacted them on the 5th about making new organisations for the state. I want a Department of State organisation and numerous organisations for the national military (a military bank, hosting orgs, etc). What started as a simple issue has been postponed by silly dialogue.

Admin - “Please create those organization from your account, as a normal organization…We can only take into account request from the country presidents in order to be sure that no fraud was made. There is no problem if the owner is you, we just need the president to confirm this. Also I cannot create them for you, from the same reasons mentioned above.
If everything is ok the 3 organization will be declared state organizations and they will be safe.

CT - “Unfortunately I can no longer create orgs so I'm enquiring about the possibility of you creating them for the state. I will then forward the confirmation email to ********

**I answer an auto-ticket confirming that all existing state organisations are within my administrations**

Admin - “These organizations [confirmed Gov’ orgs] were already marked as national organizations, thank you very much for your confirmation.
In this case I assume that there is no more need to create other organizations for state interest. As an information regarding this ticket: we cannot create a new organization for you so I really hope that you can use this 6 organisations.

Hopefully I’ll have a positive update on our state orgs within the next couple of days. In the event that they do make the three I’ve requested, I’ll open a thread within the Dail for a discussion on any additional organisations that state may need. It’s important that we plan ahead and create a professional org inventory for the state.
Shannon Resistance War

There was a bit of confusion around this, specially when the US orders went up. While Marcus was filling in as President a meeting took place between ourselves, Canada and the United States. I gate crashed it. It was a general meeting, nice and mellow. We discussed various possibilities and, as the premature Resistance War exclaims, Shannon is now reserved for Canada. Don’t expect this to happen for a while, it’s just a brogreement at the moment, terms and planning will be discussed at a later stage.
The Irish Army

This is the big goal. I want the country to adopt a military system that resembles the one the United States and European powerhouses, such as Croatia and Poland, use. Call it a process of rapid modernisation, our aim here is to improve the quality of supply and introduce professionalism within the military. I want to build a military community in Ireland, one where uniting to fight against a foreign enemy prevails over fighting against one another.
A meeting will take tomorrow night between selected cabinet Ministers and officers within the Irish Defence Forces. We will finalise the plan and on Wednesday we’ll announce the system to the public (national forums/general discussion) for an open FAQ & discussion.
We've taken an inventory of all state assets and composed some accurate figures relevant to upgrading our current standard. The Department of State will begin a public fundraiser for this project, I’d ask you all to please consider donating anything!!! The worthless IEP you got lying around, the odds on your gold balance, the company you have stuck in the UK, EVERYTHING is appreciated.
If you do have a company (that may be of relivance to the army) and would be willing to sell at a generous price, please PM me and we’ll negotiate something that will hopefully suit both parties.
I am hoping the Army will be up and running by the 20th of January.
Lastly a quick note on EDEN
I’m sure you’re well aware of the recent drama‘s unfolding within the alliance.
We will remain as a loyal ally to EDEN and continue our role with The Allied Forces. There has been some chatter in the global media on a Cromanian division being created with Poland’s allegiance shifting. All I can say is that the situation has been exaggerated greatly. Regardless, Ireland can play little part in such matters, all we can & will do is show our respected devotion to those that have shown it to us in the past.

Also to the muppet (claiming to be an Irish diplomat) sending PM’s to European leaders about a “western European alliance” forming please stop. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and you’re not only embarrassing yourself you’re also embarrassing the community.
That’s pretty much it folks,