[CP] Resignation, My Thanks & Goodbye

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Biffy Clyro -- Many of Horror

Thank you to everyone who voted for me had I not messed this up for myself my ego who have grown beyond a God complex. It’s saddening to write this article but very necessary. This will be my first and only CP update. I will resign from the Presidency and hand the seat over to my Vice President Marcus Suridious, Marcus will email me when something needs to be proposed, I'll log in and propose it.

I’d ask you all to give him a brief moment to gather a cabinet, I’m sure you will all have confidence in his ability.

As for a statement on what occurred, I don’t owe any of you an explanation I only owed Bryan one and I gave it to him yesterday. The manner in which the whole situation panned out wasn’t necessary, I understand Bryan was angered, disappointed and upset and his reaction was just however I do feel he was manipulated by somebody. A comment he posted yesterday said that a friend had passed the screenshot on to him. I wouldn’t regard that person as a friend, I would regard that person in the same manner to which you view me.
The screenshot was passed on in the hopes that there would be a reaction, a public reaction, one that would do damage to me. A true friend would of either approached me privately about what was said or approached Bryan and told him what I had said in a dignified manner not tell him outright.
This isn’t me trying to condone or undo what I said of course.

Not to sound egotistical or arrogant but after all the hard work I’ve invested into this country I know that I deserved the Presidency. I would like to thank those of you who have contacted me privately and given me your support, I sincerely appreciate it. To those of you who either put the blame on Manni or convinced him to take it, I appreciate the gesture but I wouldn’t want anybody taking the blame for something I did.

I had some big things in mind for Ireland but I’m in no position now to impose them now. I do hope Marcus continues some of the ideas I had planned, all the resources and templates I had created leading up to the election will be handed over to himself, I hope they go to good use.

My account will remain open for the remainder of this month, I have melted down all my assets and donated it to the few people within this community that I regard as friends (there are a couple others but by the time I thought of ye I ran out of gold…sorry)

Thank you to…
Dan Murchadh: for taking me under your wing when I first joined and making me feel welcome. You always supplied me first hand and made sure I fought where it counted even though my damage was of little relevance. You are without a doubt the most genuine guy in our community, not a bad bone in you. I was delighted when you came back and I wish you all the best for the future.
moomoohea😨 for getting me involved in the political and social aspects of the game. You’re a good guy always down for a chat and always striving for what’s next. I appreciated the amount of confidence you had in me when you pleaded with me to run for CP a couple of months ago. Hope the transfer works out this time for you and the family.
OJ, Ginge, Chris & BB: for being just generally fun and interesting people to talk too.
Nogin: for those random chats about work, the weather and everything else not related to eRepublik.
Donut: for donating those raw materials into that company I was stuck in during V2. I was 1 day off a Hard Workers medal when the company ran out of raw materials (you couldn’t resign because of that back then). Donut kindly donated enough Rms for me to work and get my treasure map.
Paschoall: for actually making me feel important when I first started playing. I dunno if you still play this game though.
Maddog: not a thank you but an apology for taking that crap with you too far. You’re still a terrible troll but I enjoyed discussing rugby with you the odd time.
Sean Power: for explaining what a PTO was to me that one time I asked.
Marcus Suridious: for being as dedicated to change as me. Nobody in eIreland has a work rate that can match you and in the past 3 months that I’ve gotten to know you I can see that you’ll be the key to Irish progression. I’m sorry I messed up our plans for Ireland but I do hope you’ll run next month and work the magic. Seriously you’re the best mate I had in this game, just go easy on the admins.
(If you do run in February throw me an email mate I got some stuff I can give you.)
Jamie: for making me lol irl so hard on so many occasions. Man had you ever left this game I’d of quit a long time ago. Best of luck loosing your flower in the future man.
Thatcher, Woldy and Iain: for being pretty kewl Britfags
Cpl Useless: for all the larfs and giggles. I sadly won’t be able to duel you in Supremacy again
Sirbeg & alpho: for taking a chance with me and helping me see Ireland from a different perspective.
Lonestar: For always being pleasant, run for CP der.
JSK: for nothing. I gave you two and a half gold but that’s not because we were ever friends, it’s because me & PP robbed you out of 5 gold and 2 gold was my cut (consider the extra half gold my apology). John that was the funniest thing I’ve ever done and just thinking about it makes me snigger. Don’t get me wrong you are a very, very nice and friendly guy the problem I have with you is that you exaggerate everything you do and in the past that has lead you to steal credit from other people’s handwork, I cannot agree with that. Don’t dedicate yourself to a political role because you see it as a stepping stone toward the presidency, dedicate yourself to a political role because you have something to give. Make Ireland better by actually WORKING on something and you’ll gain the respect you think you have.
Snakeyes: for being a pretty cool guy. I never thought of you as a Britfag but always as mo chara. I remember my first impression of you during the Polish land swap when the UK was invading us. You logged on the IRC, asked for guns and then left. I had a tab on the battlefield, I switched over and watched you tank like a madman to secure whatever region it was. The best first impression anybody could make.
Croatia: for just being so damn amazing.
Irishbhoy: for teaching me more in a month and a half than I could of ever learned off of anybody in this game. I was once like so many of our domestic idiots who think of you as a menace but you’re so far from that. You’re the most down to Earth guy anybody can meet, you’re knowledgeable, aware and without any doubt the most valuable friend anybody can have. Once this guy considers you a friend you’ve gotten yourself an ally, who will eat nails for you, for life.

With any cent of credibility I have left I urge you ALL to see past what pointless opinion you have of him and make an effort to talk to him. Create your opinion from what the man has to say to YOU and not what you “think” happened. The man has done so much for this country behind the scenes, more than all of those who point the finger at him and it is really saddening that none of you can see that.

Sennan Blake you’re the new CT, make yourself politically neutral, don’t owe loyalty to ANY political party, start asking questions about eIreand’s history and taking note on what‘s going on around the world. Stop worrying about the IUP and start worrying about Ireland as a whole.

Genuinely sorry I had to leave like this ;_;
I wanted to leave on a high not a low.
I u all,
I this game,
I this community

And lastly to Niall


I’ve met some [insert bad word here] in my time but are without a doubt the dumbest and most selfish thing I have ever talked to. My leaving wish is that you stop claiming that you’re Irish, get yourself out of that foreign army outfit and then maybe you could pass as something half decent, until then you’re a [insert bad word here] in my book.

Signing off,
An exposed [beep]