LVI: A Glorious Failure

Day 1,140, 15:51 Published in USA USA by Little Old Halfling


In a landslide victory, Glorious Failure has won the 2010 eAmerican of the Year Award!

Your 2010 eAmerican of the Year Award Winner!

The full results are as follows:
1. Glorious Failure/Necrosis
2. Colin Lantrip
3. St Krems
4. ligtreb
5. CRoy
6. Josh Frost
7. Emerick/gagah

There is, however, one slight problem, which is tied directly to the reason he won.

He's banned.

So I am going ask for the best suggestion for what can be done with the 20 gold and the rest of the prizes. The best suggestion will win. Post your suggestion in the comments, send me a PM, write an article about what should be done, or carve a crescent and star into your forehead to show your dedication to Pakistan and your God Emporer Dio Brando.

Take your pick.

Anyways, congrats to GF, and I'll post more later.

Stay frosty.