International Mercinaries, Bad Idea?(International)

Day 130, 09:19 Published in USA USA by Emerick

Category: Military

The anticipation of the war module has tempted a lot of users to join mercinary teams, like the one I mentioned in a [a url=]previous article[/a], who are joining Iran in the anticipated war between Pakistan and Iran. Now, I can't post military information because the military page is broken right now, but last time I checked, Iran had no chance in hell to beat Pakistan in terms of average strength. Financially, Pakistan is still beating the pants off of Iran by almost 3000 gold. Iran doesn't even have enough gold to declare war with about 130 gold, but that wouldn't matter if Iran is defending. Now, the population of Pakistan is 587 while Iran's is 544, so that's not that bad, but again, last time I looked, Pakistan's average strength was (iirc) 1 or 2 points higher than Irans's.

My point is, mercinaries are probably doing more harm than good in Iran. The Pakistani people have been looking forward to war since last year, recruiting citizens with the singular goal to take over the world. They're well prepared for Iran and their merc teams. The mercinaries won't last wave after wave of Pakistani soldiers. They'll wear down soon enough and go home with no strength left. Sure they've seen war and know what it's about, but at what price? Now they're no good to their home country in the case of an attack or defense.

And what about mercinaries in Pakistan? I haven't heard of any, but there're plenty of international users that support their lul-cause. If worse came to worse and Iran tried to use deterrence, I'm sure Pakistan would respond properly.

I'm not saying that I don't support trying to stop Pakistan's lust for war at the bud, but let's think about it critically. The only way to really stop them is to send EVERYBODY to Iran or have Indonesia attack them, and Indonesia has no interest in attacking Pakistan.