Discussion: Iron Tax and Foreign Investment

Day 1,139, 23:26 Published in North Korea North Korea by Leojane Zhu

As you can see that, the media of our country has become active. More citizens participated in discussions about our country. I'm glad to see that.

I recieved a PM from a citizen called zubrzyk, he/she suggested something on Iron Tax and Foreign Investment. After his/her permission, I publish his PM content here. I'd like to discuss this issue with congress members and citizens of eNorth Korea.
我收到了一位叫做 zubrzyk的公民的来信。他/她在铁的税率更改和外资投资方面给了一些建议。经过他/她的同意,我刊登了他的来信。我希望能与议员和公民们一起讨论这个问题。

Here's what he/she said.


I'm writing to consult some of my ideas to improve eNK economy.

I think, that change tax for iron (which is our the best national good) for minimum is good way to lauch changes. Simultaneously whole egoverment should start information campaign via citzen ads or contacts with abroad newspapers. We must show the world advices of opening buisnesses in North Korea which are high raw bonuses or maybe some donations for huge compaings. If number of companies will increase, salaries should grown up. After the period of time, taxes will grown to eWorld standards, which should also be marked. What do you think about that?


In my reply, I expressed my point of view.

Foreign investion is good, but since the game rule changed, the foreign investors will also ask for citizenship. So it may raise the risk of PTO. I'm quite sure that it is not a good timing before CP election.

Since we have just raised the import tax of food recently, I think we should also watch how it works. This may become an important reference for other tax changings.

About information campaign, you can see that, some citizens have already started this work through shouts and newspaper. This progress is slow, but it does work. Rome was not built in a day, be patient then. As citizen ads, admin has banned this future from players some time ago.

Anyway, this is only my opinion. I'd like to listen to what you think. Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments.

Finally, I'd like to suggest our next CP to publish the country's financial situation on newspaper periodically. This will be a great valuable reference for congress.

Thanks for reading.

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