Intention to run for President

Day 1,138, 18:35 Published in India India by Pheenic

In about four days, the Presidential elections will be held. I know I'm publishing this rather late, but hey, it's better than never, right?

Let's start this off with me telling you how I'm suitable for this post. For starters, I've been playing this game for over one and a half years. I've been in India almost all that time (A few weeks in Moldova where I started the game being the exception). My accomplishments:

-10X Congressman
-Deputy MoD
-Navy Officer
-Military Senior
-Ambassador to the USA
-Was in charge of military reconstruction briefly
-Head of ATRP of Maharashtra
-Party President of DPI
-Citizen Mentor Head
-Professor in Indian Institute of Education

Now, enough of me bragging. Time to move on to my goals.

My biggest goal is activity. India is at a crucial stage where it needs activity most of all. Every President's goal is to start a baby-boom. Well, my goal is to raise the activity level in India. You know those nine or ten new citizens who join everyday here in India? The rate of how many of them quit after their first day is outrageous. Every once in a while, we get lucky, and one of them stays on, but that has to stop. I want to create a team who will message every single new citizen who joins with the nicest, warmest, and friendliest message possible. I want them to become friends with these new citizens. If we can get even 50% of these new citizens who join everyday to stick with the game, we can double our population in just a short while. That's the key to India's success. It's not shooting for the jackpot, and trying to initiate a baby-boom (Like we've been trying to do for the past two years). It's keeping the few citizens who do join everyday.

If you look back at my goals, you might notice that most of my positions have tended to be in the military. That's very much true. Throughout my eRepublik career, I have usually worked in some Government post in the military. So, because of that, I've learned a thing or two about how to run the military. I plan on working with my MoD and Deputy MoD on making one of the most efficient military's in eRepublik. I'm sure we can accomplish this, because even though we may not have the biggest population, we do have some of the most loyal soldiers, and some of the smartest military leaders in eRepublik.

Foreign Affairs
I plan on continuing to strengthen our relationship with our EDEN friends and our neighbors. Something I especially want to do is become better friends with China. They're right next door, and they're always friendly. In fact, they're helping up in our war against Pakistan. For this, I'd like to work with the Chinese President on becoming better allies.

As for the War against Pakistan, right now, we're on shaky ground with them. I'd like to negotiate some regions back from them if possible, because at the moment, continuing to fight them is beyond our means. We just don't have the resources to do it. I know some of you may want to take back our regions by force, but I'm sorry. The hard truth is we can't afford to.

Regional Alliances
I'm only going to touch this issue lightly. There's been talk about Phoenix collapsing, since Serbia, Hungary, and Portugal have withdrawn from the alliance. Now, there's talks going on to recreate the PANAM alliance (For those of you who don't know, the PANAM alliance was an old alliance created at the start of eRepublik). I don't know how this will affect eRepublik as a whole, but I have a feeling thing's are going to be different if these plans are carried out. But like I said, I'm only going to touch this issue lightly. Maybe, in the future, we can discuss talks with our neighbors about a regional alliance (I've always supported the alliance-system) but that's all I'm going to say. Currently, this isn't a big part of my agenda, and like I said, take this very lightly.

That's about it. If you have any questions, message me or post a comment, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, India is in a critical stage. We need the activity level to go up. We need a leader who can do that.

I'll post my proposed cabinet tomorrow.

Pheenic for President!