The 4th Bi-Annual BOBLO Awards (Part 2)

Day 1,138, 04:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bob Boblo

Part 1 can be found here

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The 'so, um, yeah, more awards for Jan' Award
Jan Baykara

Best facial hair
Jan Baykara

The 'reminds me of bakeries' Award
Jan Baykara

The 'still the best guy for graphics' Award
Jan Baykara

Best user with 9610 posts at the time of writing
Jan Baykara

Best Duke of Buckingham
Jan Baykara

The 'I've literally run out of ideas but owe him more awards' Award
Jan Baykara

An utterly pointless Award
Jan Baykara

The 'biggest penis in the special air service' Award
Jan Baykara

The 'One more to wrap it up' award
Jan Baykara

Greasy Fast Speed Award

Most racist third syllable

Harshest title
Sir Diakun of ceaseless faggotry

Best King
Mr Woldy

Best RFA President

Best taste in Lion King characters
Daniel Thorrold

The 'Didn't give him an award last time so I'll give him one this time' Award

The 'Did give him an award last time and hes awesome so gets another one' Award

The 'He seems important so I'll give him an award' Award

The 'He seems impotent so I'll give him an award' Award

Best Troll

Best Knight Costume

Best Username

Best Avatar
Avlana Kiarunto

Most Underrated UK Citizen
Dodgy Dude

Most Overrated UK Citizen

Most Underrated Spammer

Most Overrated spammer

Most improved spammer

Best Admin

Papal Order of Chivalry

Uber Ultimate Citizen Award
Tom Morgan

Lifetime Achievement Award
Joachim Von Bremen

Rising Star of Spam
Mr Bull

Best BBH Poster
(Tie) Evilpaperclip and Horice P Fossill

A bit of a cop out on the last one, I know <_<

Thats it until liek June or something. The same offer I normally make stands for this edition; Anyone who updates the Boblo Awards wiki page, will get shit loads of Boblos at the next edition.